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For Golf swing it uses around 6 muscles.

1. Obliques

2. Rectus

3. Lats

4. Triceps

5. Deltoids

6. Deltoids

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Q: How many muscles used in a golf swing?
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What bones and muscles are used in a golf swing and how are they used?

Most important muscles in the golf swing are the abdominals and torso. Contrarily to what beginners think, shoulders, arms, forarms, wrist and hand muscles are almost absent from the swing. The more you used them the less precise your swing will be.

Which muscles are used in a golf swing?

All Of Your Arm Muscles, Leg Muscles, And Shoulder Muscles.

What bones are used in golf swing?

Kerser and ESHAYS

What muscles are used in shotting a golf tee?

Forearm, biceps, back, and shoulders are what are generally used in Golf.

Would shoulder presses be a good exercise for golf?

Shoulder presses work the deltoid, triceps, and trapezius. All of these muscles are used for swinging a golf club, but they don't need to be especially strong for it. Golf exercises usually focus on swing speed, accuracy, and technique instead.

What muscles are used to swing tennis racket?

I've heard that you use your core muscles and legs.

What muscles are used when playing golf?

It is important to have a strong core when playing golf. Also if you are walking, it would be good to have strong leg muscles.

What joints are used in a golf swing?

It is the whole arm that is used so the ball in socket joint will be the main contender for the swing but the hing joint (elbow) will bend as you do your thing ;-)

Where are second Swing golf stores located?

2nd Swing is the online leaderin new and used golf clubs and equipment. But there are also shops all over america. You may check their homepage for the nearest shop possible.

What it is used to hit ball when you play golf?

I am learner of golf and taking online training from TheGolfersWebsite. What I learned a perfect swing is required to hit the ball.

Should you swing a hybrid golf club like an iron or a wood?

You should swing it like an iron because normally its not used on a tee, if you swing it like a drive on a fareway then you are going to miss the ball.

What is the future outlook for golf?

In the future, golf may experience upgrades in the kind of equipment used to play the game. People can expect to see advanced golf clubs, golf balls and new technology that studies a person's swing.

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