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A pitcher can only make one smooth movement with her pitching arm. Any pause after the start of the motion (which is incited by the end of the touch of the throwing hand and the glove) is a balk and all runners advance.

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Q: How many movements can a pitcher make when pitching?
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How many times can a manager make a pitching change in a inning?

As many as he wants however the manager is only allowed one mound visit per pitcher before he has to take that pitcher out of the game.

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In softball how many steps forward can the pitcher take?

In softball pitching the pitcher is only allowed one big step because the rule states that prior to the pitch both feet should be on the pitcher's plate and during the pitch one foot should be on the plate before ball is released. you can check the basics of pitching here:

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How many pitching options does a pitcher have when playing softball?

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