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All NBA overtime periods last 5 minutes.

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2007-09-25 16:59:22
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Q: How many minutes per quarter are there in a NBA basketball game at overtime?
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How long is overtime for a college basketball game?

An overtime period in college basketball is 5 minutes.

How long is overtime in a basketball game?

5 minutes

How many quarters in the duration of basketball?

In one game there are 4 quarters, if the game is tied after four then they will play overtime quarters that are five minutes until someone is ahead at the end I the overtime quarter

How long is the overtime periods in a basketball game?

NBA overtime periods are 5 minutes

How many minutes in overtime NBA basketball game?


How much time is permitted in a quarter in basketball?

A basketball game's quarter lasts 15 minutes, excluding time for permissible time-outs and foul shots. Each game has 4 quarters, excluding any overtime necessary at the end of each game.

What happens if the scores are tied in the fourth quarter in basketball?

If a basketball game is tied at the end of 4 quarters then there is usually an overtime period, generally 5 minutes. However, the length of overtime periods can vary depending on the level of competition.

How many minutes per quarter are there in an olympic basketball game?

10 mins per quarter in an OLYMPIC basketball game

How does a tie basketball game end?

It goes to Overtime (in other words, they add an extra quarter to the game), which is 5 minutes long. The team who has the highest points after the overtime ends up winning the game. If they are still tied after the overtime, they have another overtime, and they continue having overtime until one team gets a higher score than the other after the overtime.

How many minutes are given in overtime for a high school basketball game?


How many minutes per quarter in a professional basketball game?

There are 12 minutes per quarter in the NBA.

How long is a quarter in a professional basketball game?

12 minutes

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