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For the 2013 season:

1) AAA - Toledo (Ohio) Mud Hens of the International League.

2) AA - Erie (Pennsylvania) SeaWolves of the Eastern League.

3) A - West Michigan Whitecaps of the Midwest League, Connecticut Tigers of the New York-Pennsylvania League, Lakeland (Florida) Flying Tigers of the Florida State League.

4) Rookie - The Tigers have teams in the Dominican (Dominican Republic) Summer League, the Gulf Coast League, and Venezuelan Summer League.

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The Detroit Tigers have eight minor league teams.

  • AAA - Toledo Mud Hens
  • AA - Erie SeaWolves
  • Advanced A - Lakeland Flying Tigers
  • A - West Michigan Whitecaps
  • Short Season A - Connecticut Tigers
  • Rookie - GCL, VSL and DSL Tigers
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Q: How many minor league teams do the Detroit Tigers have?
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