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one mile = 1760 yards,
1/4 mile = 440 yards
Most modern Track and Field distances are now measured in meters, 100, 200, 400.....
Back in the day they were measured in yards, 100, 220, 440, 880.....

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1/4 of a mile.

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man utd is the best

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Q: How many miles is track around football field?
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Is the track field and the football field the same field?

U will see that in almost all high schools.The track is built around the football field and the field events during a track meet take place on the football field.Tracks can also be built around soccer fields.

Length of a track around a soccer field?

The length of a track around a football field is exactly 400 meters.

How many football fields is a mile?

There are a 120 yards, including end zones, in a football field. There are 360 feet in 120 yards, and 5280 feet is a mile, then there is .06 miles in a football fieldUpdated edit: I believe they were asking about the circumference, you are talking about the diameter. 4 laps around a football track = just about 1 mile.Diameter, however, is not .06 miles - it is rounded incorrectly. The number is 0.0684.... It is actually 0.07 miles in one end to the other a football field, not the track around it. The number looks small, but look at it this way: .07, then .14 (after two) .21 (after three)... the number rises fairly quickly....Yeah, I know, it's only off by one-hundredth - oh well, just trying to give a good answer! :)A football field is about 1/17 of a mile.

Which is bigger - track or football?

Normally a track is bigger because it goes around a football feild.

Who is a field judge in athletics?

an official who enforces the rules at a football game or a track and field meet

How much running do you do in High School for Track and Field?

I'm a distance runner and I average around 40 miles per week.

How many miles in an outdoor oval field track in lane 5 around once?

just over a 1/4 of a mile....

What is tanzanians favorite sport?

Football, track and field, and boxing are the most popular

What are the two most played sports in Africa?

Football(soccer) and track and field

What 3 sports did Jim thorpe played in?

Football Baseball Track and field

An oval track surrounded by grandstands?

Many track and field competitions are held on an oval track surrounded by grandstands. It is not unusual for the center of the track to do double-duty as a football, baseball, soccer, or other type of sports field.

How many yards around the football track?