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50 metres

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Q: How many miles is 1 swimming lap?
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One lap is how many miles?

.25 usually

1 lap is .26 miles how many laps equal 1 mile?

Four laps would be equal to 1.04 miles.

What is the regular time of swimming 1 lap at the Olympics?

1. minute and 13 seconds

How many yards are in 1 lap?

25 yards in 1 lap

How many laps swimming is 1000 meters?

This depends what type of swimming pool you are in. If your in a 50m pool, then 1 lap is bound to be 50m, then it's the exact same in a 25m pool, you would have swam 1 lap which is equivalent to 25m.

If you swam thirtysix widths of an olympic swimming pool how many miles will you have swam?

1/2 mile

How long is one lap of the Indianapolis motor?

2 1/2 miles

How many laps in 25 yard pool is 1.2 miles?

If 1 lap is going from Point A to B and back to A (a total of 50yds), then 1.2 mi is 42.24 laps.

The high school track measures one quarter of a mile around How many laps would you have to run in order to run three and a half miles?

the high school track = 0ne quarter of mile means = 1/4 miles so one lap of high school track = 1/4 miles then in 1 miles total lap = 4 hence the total lap in three and half miles 3 and 1/2 miles = 7/2 miles in 1 miles = 4 lap so in 7/2 miles = 7/2 x 4 = 14 lap Answer.

How many yards are in a lap?

It depends on the pool you're in. Swimming 1 lap = swimming 1 length of the pool. Most US high schools have 25 yard pools; whereas international and more competitive pools are a slightly longer 25 meters. Long course pools found at universities and large aquatics centers are often 50 yards/meters; basically 2 laps in one.

How many miles will you have run if you run around the track twice?

1 lap around track = 400 meters = 1/4 mile

How many laps would make a mile if the track was 0.6?

each lap is .25 miles, so 1.6 miles would be a little over between 6.25 and 6.50 laps.