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2-3 depending on the position. in a competitive league, as a midfielder probably 2-3. all depends on the quality of the teams.

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Q: How many miles does the average high school soccer player run per game?
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How far does the average high school soccer player run per game?

It is estimated to be about a mile and a half to two miles

How many miles does the average soccer player run per game?

Between 6-7 miles for Professional midfield players.

How many miles should a soccer player be running to get good fitness?

According to studies, the average Soccer player runs 7 miles per game, so if your target is to be in good shape for Soccer you can use this as a basis but you will find altering your training to include speed, agility and quickness will yield important results for your Soccer training.

Why is soccer the most physically demanding sport?

because the average player runs or jogs the distance of about 4.5 miles per game.

How long does an average soccer player live?

Hey, it's me DesTin3Y, I played soccer for four years. For my school Ouachit Parish High. I think an average soccer player caN live up to about 70-75 years. Depending on the player we are fit and kept in shape. Which is very good in years to come with life challenges. All of the women and men U.S. Players are still living today. At least that I know of all the great ones that is. Mia Hamm is still living it up healthy and still in shape. I'm still in shape. An average soccer player runs 7-9 miles in every game.

What is the average speed of a soccer ball when kicked by a pro soccer player?

my soccer coach (....... Ferguson) can kick it around 79 MPH NO 79MPH is definitely fast but in Seria A, Ibrahimovic of Inter scored a whooping goal 128mph

How long does a midfielder run in a soccer game?

Since each player obtains at least 5 minutes of possession which leaves 85 minutes of movement which is mainly through out the mid field a average midfield player runs close to 10 t0 12 miles a game an average defender runs about 8 while that can be said same for a forward (around 7-12 depending on formation) --- a professional player actually runs far less then 10 to 12 miles a game. Most midfielders run between 6 and 7. Mostly there are a couple of midfielders who reach 7.5 miles. However, it is extremely rare that a player runs over 8.

How many miles does a soccer player run per day?

70 Km what messi runs

How many miles does a professional soccer player run during training?

6 to 8

How much runs a soccer player?

About 10-15 km in a game. That's about 6-9 miles.

Possible miles per hour speed of a kicked soccer ball?

The possible speed of a kicked soccer ball varies directly with the force applied over a certain area of the soccer ball, but average speeds are between 20 and 60 miles per hour, while the highest would be upwards of 90 and 100 miles per hour.

Average speed of a soccer ball in meters per second?

The average speed of a kicked soccer ball depends on the age and fitness of the kicker. For youth players, the average speed is 15 meters per second, while professional soccer players average 30 meters per second. Adult non-professional soccer players average speeds of 25 meters per second.