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In 2010, Kyle Busch drove in three Nascar Series for a total of 24,376.7 miles.

  • Sprint Cup - 14,179.8
  • Nationwide - 7,165.6
  • Camping World Truck Series - 3,031.3
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Q: How many miles did Kyle Busch drive in all of his Nascar races in 2010?
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Who has won the most Nascar Nationwide Series races?

Kyle Busch won 66 Nascar Nationwide Series races, which is the most in series history.

How many Nascar races did Kyle Busch win in 2010?

In 2010, Kyle Busch won three Sprint Cup races, thirteen Nationwide races and eight Camping World Truck Series races.

How many races has Tony Stewart won in the Busch Series?

Tony Stewart won 11 Nascar Nationwide Series races, formerly known as the Busch Series.

How many years did Dale Earnhardt Sr drive in the Busch Series?

Dale Sr. drove a total of 136 races over 13 years in the Nascar Busch Series. It is now known as the Nationwide Series.

Where does Kyle Busch rank in all-time Nascar Cup Series wins?

With 26Nascar Cup Series wins, Kyle Busch is tied for 21stall-time with Fred Lorenzen.

How many races did Kyle Busch win as a rookie?

In the Nascar Cup Series, Kyle Busch won two races as a rookie in 2005. In the 2004 Busch Series, now known as the Nationwide Series, he won five races. Busch won the Rookie of the Year award in both series.

How many NASCAR races has Dale Earnhardt Jr. started?

Through 2013, Dale Jr. has started 505 Nascar Cup Series races and 127 Nationwide races (formerly known as the Busch Series).

How many wins does Jeff Gordon have in the Nationwide Series?

In his Nascar career, Bobby Labonte has won 21 Cup Series races, 10 Nationwide Series races and 1 Truck Series race.

How many Busch Series championships has Kevin Harvick won?

Kevin Harvick has never won a Nascar Cup Series championship. He did win the 2001 and 2006 Busch Series championships (now known as the Nationwide Series).

How many races did Derrike Cope win in Nascar?

Derrike Cope won two races in the Nascar Cup Series. He also had one victory in the Busch Series, now known as the Nationwide Series.

How many Nascar races did Jeff Burton win?

Jeff Burton has 21 Nascar Cup Series wins in his career. He has also won 27 races in the Nationwide Series (formerly known as the Busch Series).

How many Nascar races has Jamie McMurray won in his career?

Kasey Kahne has won 16 Nascar Cup Series races, 8Nationwide races (formerly known as the Busch Series) and 4Truck Series races in his career.