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high school cross country races are 3.14 miles long. this is equale to 5 kilometers. in college boy's cross races are longer.

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Q: How many miles are there in Cross country?
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How many miles do you have do you run in a cross country race?

usually its 5k's or 3.1 miles

How many miles do athletes run in cross country high school meet?

Most high school cross country races are 5 kilometers, which is about 3.1 miles.

How many miles do athletes run in cross country junior high meets?

3 miles

What are some cross country events?

Cross Country events come in the form of 5k (3.1 miles) and 10k (6.2 miles)

Cross country machine 4 and a half miles in 35min how many calories is that?

about 400

How many miles do cross country runners run?

Being on my high school cross country team, I have teamates that will run 20 miles in a week sometimes and i also have other teamates that run 60 miles per week sometimes.

How many miles to middle school cross country teams run?

Most are anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 miles

How many kilometers in a girls high school cross country race?

5 kilometers or 3.1 miles

What is the distance of a middle school cross country race?

The usual distance of a middle school cross country race is 1.9 - 2.3 miles. so about 2 miles.

How do you play cross country running?

Running cross country is quite simple. the ultimate goal of the race is to get the lowest place possible. Cross country races can range from 3 miles to an 8k (5 miles) depending of level of competition.

How many miles do college cross country runners run in a meet?

For girls it's 2.5 miles, and boys, I think is 3.2 miles. And this is in the high school level.

How different cross country races are there?

Generally it is 3.1 miles, 6.2 miles, and up to 26 miles (marathon)

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