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6 miles in 40 minutes is 3 miles in 20 minutes. Since 20 minutes fits into 60 minutes 3 times, the speed would be 9 miles an hour.

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2010-05-09 12:36:22
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Q: How many miles an hour do you have to run to run 6 miles in 40 mins?
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How many miles per hour if a run 3.75 miles in 30 mins?


Can you run 5 miles in an hour?

Yes you can I can run 3 miles in 25 mins so maybe less then 1 hour to run 5 miles

How many miles per hour does a jackrabbit run?

they run 18 miles per hour

How fast are you going if it takes you to run 13 miles in 1 hr and 53 mins?

Your pace is 6.9 miles per hour.

How fast would you have to run 6.2 miles in 39 mins?

You would have to maintain a pace of at least 9.54 miles per hour for 6.2 miles.

A rabbit can run as fast as 35 miles in an hour that is 26 miles an hour faster than a chicken can run how many miles an hour can achicken run?


How many miles per hour do you have to run to run 1.5 miles in 17 minutes?

11.333 (recurring) miles per hour.

How many miles per hour can an ostrich run?

an ostrich run up to 45 miles per hour.

How many miles per hour do you have to run to run 8 miles under an hour?

8.00000000000000000000000000000000000...01 mph

How fast do you have to run to run 2600m in 12 mins?

You must maintain a pace of at least 8.1 miles per hour for 2600 meters.

What mph would you need to run to do 1.6 miles in 12.5 minutes?

MPH is defined as miles per hour, or miles divided by hour. Therefore, to find the answer you would take 1.6 divided by the product of 12.5 mins divided by 60 mins. 7.68 mph.

If you run 2 miles in 15 minutes what was your average speed in miles per hour?

(15 mins)x (1 hr)/(60 mins) = 0.25 hr.Speed = Distance/TimeSpeed = (2 miles)/(0.25 hr)Speed = (2*4) miles/hrSpeed = 8 miles per hour

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