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Three. Gold, silver and bronze

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Q: How many metals at 2012 Olympics?
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How many silver medals will be given out at the 2012 Olympics?

Total of 304 silver metals were awarded.

Which country has the most metals in the 2012 Olympics?


How many metals did Jamaica get in 2012 Olympics?

12 Medals 4 each of the gold Silver and Bronze Medals

How many medals has China won in the Olympics 2012?

China ends at second place with a total of 87 metals (38 of which are Gold).

How many medals have been won by Scots in the 2012 Olympics?

They are listed under Great Britain so no metals are won by Scots

How many metals has Mexico won in 2012 Olympics?

1 Gold 3 Silver 3 Bronze -Floyd Spearman

How many metals did Turkey win in the 2009 Olympics?

There are no 2009 Olympics

Which country won the most gold metals in 2012 Olympics?

United States of America

How many metals are there going to be at the 2012 Olympics?

There are 962 medals that were awarded 302 Gold Medals 304 Silver Medals and 356 Bronze Medals

How many metals did Switzerland win?

Switzerland won six metals in the 2008 Olympics.

How many athletes does the US have in the 2012 Olympics?

The US has 529 athletes in the 2012 Olympics.

How many cities will host the 2012 summer Olympics?

London will host the 2012 Olympics

Who many people sailed in the Olympics 2012?

380 athletes sailed in Olympics 2012.

How many countries will participate in 2012 olympics?

216 countries will participate in 2012 Olympics.....

How many people are competing for 2012 Olympics?

An estimated 10,500 athletes will compete at the 2012 London Olympics.

How many metals did Thailand win in the Olympics?


How many metals won in 2010 Olympics?


Which country won the 2nd most gold metals at the 2012 Olympics?

China with 38 Gold Medals

How many events taking place in London Olympics 2012?

there are 32 events at the 2012 olympics.

How many different events in the 2012 London Olympics?

There are 302 events in the 2012 summer Olympics

How many countries competing in the 2012 Olympics?

205 countries are participating in 2012 summer olympics.

How many gold medals can be won in the 2012 Olympics?

302 Gold Medals were won at the 2012 London Olympics

What country won the most medals in the summer Olympics before 2012?

The USA won 110 metals in the 2008 Summer Olympics, but only 36 Gold Medals. China had the most gold medals with 51 and a total of 100 metals

How many medals did Italy win at the Beijing Olympics?

12 gold metals, 7 silver metals and 10 bronze metals

How many Slovak athletes will be competing in the 2012 Olympics?

Slovakia has 46 athletes competing in the 2012 olympics