How many members do the kangaroos afl have?

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About 10

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Q: How many members do the kangaroos afl have?
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When did the kangaroos begin start playing afl?

they started playing Aussie rules in 1869, but started in the VFL/AFL in 1925.

Who was captain of the North Melbourne Kangaroos AFL team before Adam Simpson?

Anthony Stevens.

Who won the AFL phremiership in 1999?

The Kangaroos (North Melbourne) defeated Carlton by 35 points.

What are related to kangaroos but look smaller?

There are many members of the kangaroo family, and all are smaller than Red Kangaroos or Grey Kangaroos. Wallaroos, wallabies, potoroos and pademelons all look like kangaroos, but are smaller.

How many babies do tree kangaroos have?

Like other members of the kangaroo family, tree kangaroos tend to have just a single joey at a time.

Which team has the most members in the afl?

Hawthorn Hawks

How many member s on the north Melbourne AFL football club?

2009- Around 30,000 members

What are kangaroos and koalas are called?

Kangaroos and koalas are simply called kangaroos and koalas.They are members of the sub-group of mammals known as marsupials.

How are tree kangaroos related to kangaroos?

Tree kangaroos, although arboreal, are fully members of the kangaroo family. They are macropods, like kangaroos, and members of the family Macropodidae. This family includes wallabies, wallaroos, Red Kangaroos, Grey Kangaroos, potoroos, quokkas, rat-kangaroos and pademelons. They are marsupials, giving birth to undeveloped young which then continue their development in the mother's pouch.

How many members does the Collingwood AFL club have?

For season 2011 as of 22/02/2011 there are 53,244 members. Members need to renew each year. The club's target for 2011 is 70,000.

Which AFL team has the most members?

Collingwood. As at 11/06/2011 Collingwood has 70,465 members.

How are gerbils related to kangaroos?

Gerbils are not related to kangaroos in any way. They are both mammals, but that is where their relationship ends. Gerbils are placental mammals and members of the order Rodentia, while kangaroos are marsupials and members of the order Diprotodontia.

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