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She has won an Olympic bronze medal and a World Championship silver medal.

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Q: How many medals joannie rochette?
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How many medals has joannie rochette won?

vingt médailles

What is the name of joannie rochette?

Her name is Joannie Rochette.

Does Joannie rochette have siblings?

does joannie rochette have siblings

What is Joannie Rochette's middle name?

Joannie Therese Rochette

How tall is Joannie Rochette?

Joannie Rochette is 5' 2".

Does Joannie Rochette have any Siblings?

no joannie rochette is only child

What is the age of Joannie Rochette?

Joannie Rochette is 25 years old

What is Joannie Rochette's full name?

Joannie Rochette . no middle name google it

What is Joannie Rochette's birthday?

Joannie Rochette was born on January 13, 1986.

When was Joannie Rochette born?

Joannie Rochette was born on January 13, 1986.

Where was joannie rochette born?

Joannie Rochette was born in Montreal, Quebec. She was raised in Île Dupas.

Does Joannie Rochette have kids?


Is Joannie Rochette married?


What motivates Joannie Rochette?

What motivates Joannie Rochette is her mother. Now that her mother is dead she is still motvivated.

How old is Joannie Rochette?

Joannie Rochette is 31 years old (birthdate: January 13, 1986).

How many medals did joannie rochette win at the winter games?

1, a bronze in ladies singles figure skating at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver.

When did Joannie Rochette start competing?

Joannie Rochette started skating when she was 6 years old, and she started competing in the year of 2000.

Does Joannie Rochette do any other sports?

Joannie Rochette played soccer when she was about 4-5. She also joined school sport teams.

Where does joannie rochette live?

Canada new brunswick

Does Joannie Rochette have a brother or sister?

NO she was an only child.

Is Joannie Rochette an only child?

No, she has sisters and brothers.

Who is joannie rochette's trainer?

Her coach is Manon Perron.

Where is Joannie Rochette from?

Joannie Rochette is from Montreal, Canada. She is a Canadian figure skater and 2010 Olympic Bronze medalist. Joannie has also been a six time Canadian National Champion from 2005 to 2010.

Who are Joannie Rochette's parents?

Joannie Rochette was a only child of Therese and Normand Rochette.I only know her moms name its Theresa and im not sure about her dad's

Is Joannie Rochette parcipitating in the 2010 winter Olympics?