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Q: How many medals has Cathy Freeman won altogether in the Olympics?
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How much gold medals has Cathy freeman won altogether?


When did Cathy freeman start the Olympics?

Cathy freeman started the Olympics when she was 20

When did Cathy Freeman start training for the olympics?

Cathy Freeman started training for the Olympics when she was 20

Who won more olympic medals dawn fraser or Cathy Freeman?

Cathy freeman

Is Cathy Freeman participating in the 2012 Olympics?

Were not sure yet if Cathy Freeman is going to participate in the 2012 Olympics.

How many medals did Cathy Freeman win in the Sydney Olympics?

One, a gold in the women's 400 meter run.

Did Cathy freeman have any medals taken off her and if so why?

Cathy Freeman has never been stripped of a medal.

How did Cathy freeman go to the Olympics?


What Olympics has Cathy Freeman been in?


How many silver medals did Cathy freeman win?

Well acually Cathy won two silcer medals

How many bronze medals has Cathy freeman won?


How many silver medals has Cathy Freeman won?


How many medals has Cathy freeman won in total?


Who lit torch at sydney Olympics?

Cathy Freeman

How many gold medals has Cathy Freeman won overall?

Cathy Freeman has won 10 medals in major competitions. She has won 5 medals in the Commonwealth games, 2 in the Olympic games and 3 in the World Championships. In total, she has won 7 gold medals. One in the olympics, 4 in the Commonwealth games and 2 in the World Championships.

How many gold medals did Cathy freeman win in total?

In the Olympics, 1. That was in the women's 400 meter dash at the 2000 Games in Sydney.

How many medals did Cathy Freeman win at the 2010 commonwealth games?

Cathy Freeman won zero medals at the 2010 Commonwealth Games because she retired a few years earlier.

Who is the women that won the women's 400m at the 2000 Olympics who is named Cathy?

Cathy Freeman.

How long has Cathy Freeman been running for the Olympics?

Cathy Freeman participated in three Olympics (1992 in Barcelona, 1996 in Atlanta, 2000 in Sydney). She won two medals, a silver medal in the 400 meter dash in 1996 and a gold medal in the 400 meter dash in 2000.

Who is the first Australian aboriginal to compete at the Olympics?

cathy freeman

What is Cathy Freeman's uniform in The Olympics?

black and yellow and green

What are Cathy Freeman accomplishment?

A gold medal in the 2000 Olympics.

Who won the 2000 Olympics 400m sprint?

cathy freeman

Did Cathy Freeman make any world records in the Olympics?


When did Cathy freeman join the Olympics?

2000 sydney olypic games