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yes, she won it in 1998

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Q: Did Cathy Freeman win any Australian of the year awards?
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Was Cathy freeman Australian of the year in 1998?

yes she did win

Who is the only person to win Australian and young Australian of the year?

Cathy Freeman in 1990 and 1998

What is a timeline of Cathy Freeman's running career?

Cathy Freeman won young Australian of the year in 1990 and won the gold medal twice in 1990 and again in 1994. She won Australian of the year once more and retired in 1994.

Who is the only person to have been awarded both the Australian of the Year and Young Australian of the Year?

Cathy Freeman, an Australian sprinter, received the Australian of the Year award in 1998. She was also awarded Young Australian of the Year.

What year was Cathy Freeman born in?

Cathy freeman was born in 1973 on the 16th of February

What are the names of Cathy freeman's brothers?

Norman who is 2 years younger than Cathy Freeman and Garth who is 3 year younger that Cathy Freeman.

What year was Cathy Freeman born?


Who is the only person to have been awarded both the 'Australian of the Year' and 'Young Australian of the Year' titles?

Its Cathy Freeman! OK!Sir Macfarlane Burnet became the first Australian to be awarded with the first Australian award in 1960.

Who did Cathy freeman marry?

Cathy was 27 when she married Alexander but she has no children. Cathy Freeman is a a very good runner and she won Gold this year in 2000

What is Cathy freeman known for?

Cathy Freeman is most known for being an Australian sprinter who specialized in the 400m dash. She won the gold medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics held in Australia, as well as lighting the Olympic flame that year.

Who was the Australia of the year recipients in 1998?

Cathy freeman

Which year did Cathy Freeman win gold?


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