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15 medals

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Q: How many medals does valerie adams have?
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How many medals have valerie Adams won?


How many medals does Valerie Adams have altogether?


How many silver medals does valerie Adams have?


How many bronze medals has valerie Adams won?


How many gold medals has Valerie Adams got in the Olympics?


How many gold has valerie Adams won?

Valerie Adams has one two Olympic Gold Medals. One in 2008 in Beijing and one in 2012 in London.

How many silver olympic medals has valerie Adams won over her whole time competing?

5 Silver Medals. :)

How many gold medals has new zealand won in shot put?

8 medals all by valerie vili (adams)

How many gold medals does Valerie Adams have?

I found interesting cause I found out she has won 22 medals.but Valerie adams is the best I would like to meet her one day

How many medals has valerie adams?

Valerie Adams has currently only won one Olympic Medal, a Gold, in the 2008 Shot Put final.*As of August 5th, 2012.

How many medals did Valerie Adams win at the 2014 commonwealth games?

Valerie won the Gold Medal in Shot Put at the 2014 Comonwealth Games.

What game does Valerie Adams compete in for the Olympics?

She is a gold medal athlete in shot put she wins lots of gold medals