How many medals does Dave mirra?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: How many medals does Dave mirra?
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How many gold medals has Dave mirra won in the X games?

24 maybe

What is Dave Mirra's birthday?

Dave Mirra was born on April 4, 1974.

Is Dave mirra married?

yes, Dave mirra is married to Lauren blackwell

What nicknames does Dave Mirra go by?

Dave Mirra goes by Miracle Boy.

Who has won the most X Game medals ever?

The athlete who has won the most X Games medals is Dave Mirra. He is a bicyclist, and has won 23 in total.

When was Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX created?

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX was created on 2000-09-26.Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX happened in 2000.

When was Dave Mirra BMX Challenge created?

Dave Mirra BMX Challenge was created on 2006-11-02.Dave Mirra BMX Challenge happened in 2006.

What is Dave mirra birth name?

David Michael Mirra

How old is Dave Mirra?

Dave Mirra was 41 years old when he died on February 4, 2016 (birthdate: April 4, 1974).

What got Dave mirra into freestyle BMX?

well what got Dave mirra into freestyling is when haro bikes sponsored him so that's why there was a haro mirra 2000

Dave Mirra is associated with which sport?

Dave Mirra is associated with the sport of bicycle motocross, also known as BMX.

Why is Dave Mirra Fomous?

Dave Mirra is famous for bmxing, not skateboarding, he has a whole collection of his bikes for sale: Mirra-co Blend 1 (£230) Mirra-co Blend 2 (£350) Mirra-co Blend 3 (£550) Mirra-co Unlimited (£800)