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Cat Osterman has won two Olympic medals, a gold at the 2004 Games in Athens and a silver at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

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Q: How many medals does Cat Osterman have?
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Does cat osterman have a kid?

Cat Osterman does not have any kids. Cat Osterman is from Houston, Texas and is a softball pitcher. She played softball for the University of Texas.

When was Cat Osterman born?

Cat Osterman was born on April 16, 1983.

What is Cat Osterman's birthday?

Cat Osterman was born on April 16, 1983.

What is cat osterman salary?

Cat Osterman makes a salary of $4 million. Cat Osterman is a softball pitcher and an Olympic Gold medalist who competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.

What is cat ostermens real name?

Cat Osterman's real name is Catherine Leigh Osterman

Is cat osterman retired?

No Cat Osterman is not retired she coaches for St. Edwards in Austin Texas

Is Cat Osterman single?

As of July 2014, Cat Osterman does appear to be single. Cat is a well known All-American softball pitcher.

How old is Cat Osterman?

Catherine "Cat" Osterman is 34 years old (birthdate: April 16, 1983).

Cat osterman have a baby?

No, Cat does not have a baby....

What team does Cat Osterman play for?

Cat Osterman currently pitches for the USSSA Pride out of Kissimmee, Florida. Osterman was expected to retire after the 2013 season but put it off for one more year.

Who is cat osterman dating?

It is not known who Cat Osterman is currently dating. She is an Olympic gold medalist softball pitcher from Houston, TX.

Does cat osterman have a book?

Cat Osterman has not written a book, but she has been featured in one. This book was called American Softball Players.

Does cat osterman have a husband?


Is Cat Osterman married?


Is cat osterman lesbian?

No, she is not... She has a boy friend....

What bat does cat osterman use?

Cat osterman has her own brand of bats but she is a pitcher so she does not hit. But if she did she would use her own brand of bat.

Does Cat Osterman have any kids?

No, She does not....

Does Cat Osterman have a boyfriend?

Yes, She currently does....

Where was cat osterman born?

Houston, TX

How fast can cat osterman pitch?


Is Cat Osterman gay?

No, She is not gay and has a boyfriend....

What college did cat osterman play for?

The University of Texas

Does Cat Osterman have a child?

no she is not married and doesn't have a child

What possitoin did Cat Osterman play in softball?


What position did cat osterman play in softball?