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India won six medals at the 2012 London Games:

Vijay Singh (Silver, Shooting, Men's 25m rapid fire pistol)

Sushil Kumar (Silver, Wrestling, Men's 66kg freestyle)

Gagan Narang (Bronze, Shooting, Men's 10m air rifle)

Saina Nehwal (Bronze, Badminton, Women's Singles)

Mary Kom (Bronze, Boxing, Women's flyweight)

Yogeshwar Dutt (Bronze, Wrestling, Men's 60kg freestyle).

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Q: How many medals did India win in London Olympics 2012-13?
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How many medals did India won in the London Olympics?

300,000,000,000 pounds sterling

How many medals did India win in 2006 winter Olympics?

India didn't win any medals at the 2006 Winter Olympics.

How many medals India won in 1992 Barcelona Olympics?

India so far got two bronze medal in London Olympics one in shooting (Gagan Narang) and one in Badminton (Saina Nehwal)

India won 6 medals in Olympics?


How many medals did India acheivie in the Olympics 1896?

india is a good contry

Why India is not taking part in Olympics 2012?

India wins less medals

How many medals did india win in the 2004 Beijing olympics?

There were no Olympics in Beijing in 2004

Who hold the Olympics record in field hockey?

United India(India-Pakistan-Bangladesh) won 3 olympics(1928-1936) 5 gold medals to india 3 gold medals to pakistan and Britain.

How many medals have been won by India in all Olympics with the winner name?

6 MEDALS.....

What is the India's best performance in Olympics?

India's best performance in Olympics came in 2008 when India won 1 Gold and 2 Silver medals

How many gold medals have India won in the Olympics so far?

India has won 20 medals: 9 gold, 4 silver and 7 bronze. Wins came at summer Olympics. No medals have been won during winter Olympics. Medals were won for boxing, tennis, weightlifting, wrestling, athletics and shooting.

How many medals did India won this year in Olympics in 2012?

This was India's most successful Olympics based on the medal standings, winning a total of 6 medals (2 silver and 4 bronze)