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Elena won a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. She has also won a silver medal at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

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Q: How many medals did Elena Dementieva get in the 2008 Olympics?
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When did Elena Dementieva retire from professional tennis?

Elena Dementieva is a professional tennis player that has won 2 Olympic medals. She won the singles silver medal at the 2000 Olympics and the gold medal at the 2008 Olympics. Her retirement was announced in an on court ceremony on October 29th, 2010.

Who won the gold medal in the Womens singles in the tennis 2008 Olympics?

It was Elena Dementieva

What is Elena Dementieva known for?

"Elena Dementieva is a professional, Russian tennis player. In the 2008 Olympics, she took home the singles gold metal, for which she is best known for. She also made the finals in the 2004 French and US Open."

Which willams sister designed and outfit for Elena Dementieva during a 2008 tennis match?

did venus or serena williams design and outfit for elena dementieva in 2008?

Is Elena Dementieva a retired Russian tennis player?

"Yes, Elena Dementieva is a retired Russian tennis player. The highlight of her career was winning the gold medal at the 2008 Bejing Olympics in women's singles tennis. She retired on October 29, 2010, positioned at number 9 in the world."

Who won the gold medal in 2008 Tennis Women's Tennis?

Elena Dementieva of Russia.

How many 'medals' are there in the Olympics?

In total there are 903 , 301 gold , 301 silver 301 bronze although in Athens 2004 there were more bronz then the others for some reason

How many medals did Trinidad win in 2008 Olympics?

Trinidad and Tobago won 5 medals in the 2008 Olympics.

What were the total number of medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

There were 3,000 medals awarded at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

How many medals did Russia win at the 2008 Olympics?

Russia won 73 medals at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

What movie and television projects has Elena Dementieva been in?

Elena Dementieva has: Played Herself (2008) in "US Open 2008" in 2008. Played herself in "Wimbledon Championships 2009" in 2009. Played herself in "US Open 2009" in 2009. Played herself in "French Open 2010" in 2010. Played herself in "US Open 2010" in 2010.

How many medals did the us in in the 2008 winter Olympics?

There were no Winter Olympics in 2008.

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