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Q: How many matches has the undertaker lost his whole career?
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Is the career of Triple H over by undertaker?

No, Triple H lost to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, But that does not mean his career is over.

How many times did the undertaker lost in WWE matches?

LIKE 109

How many matches has Undertaker lost?

11 i think but thats a smal number and he has not lost them all cleanly

Has undertaker lost a hell in a cell?

Undertaker has lost five Hell in a Cell matches, including the first Hell in a Cell Match. He has lost to Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Batista and Kane in different Hell in a Cell matches.

When is the next buried alive match?

They stop doing matches like dat since undertaker lost in it

Who won the matches of Breaking Point?

Undertaker lost to Cm Punk Khali lost to kane Randy Orton lost to John cena Dx lost to legacy

Who has lost their career at WrestleMania?

Of the top my head I know that Ric Flair lost his wwe career but he is in TNA now. And then there is Shawn Michaels who retired having lost to The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26.

How many matches has the undertaker lost?

yes he won some and lost some times but not in wrestlemania NEVER LOST . search on facebook Emad re verse he is an expert and he knows everything about undertaker ,and he met him before LA in america and now he is in malaysia.

Is dx alivie now WWE?

No, Shawn Michael lost to the undertaker because it was streak vs career

Is Shawn micheals dead?

No he is just out of WWE because at WrestleMania 26 Undertaker beat him so he lost his career it was a Streak V.S Career match

What happened to WWE Shawn Michaels?

He lost a "Career VS Streak" match against the Undertaker at WrestleMania 26.

Who won the wrestlmania 26 career vs atreak undertaker vs hbk?

The Taker did. Sadly HBK lost.

How many matches has Mourinho lost so far during his career?

none, in 2010-2011 season

Did Shawn micheals quit?

No. The undertaker beat him at Wrestlemania, Unfortunately. :*( *tear* So he lost his career. I was crying on his last day.

Why did HBK leave the WWE?

HBK left, because he lost to the Undertaker in Wrestlemania 26 in a Career vs Streak match.

What is Chris Jericho's win loss record in the WWE?

throughout his career he lost 907 matches and he won 567

What is the undertaker's record in matches vs Shawn Michaels?

undertaker has never beaten Shawn michaels, Shawn michaels has never beaten undertaker that's not true Shawn Michaels beat undertaker in the very first hell in a cell match.....because of Kane infact Shawn michaels never lost to the undertaker until WRESTLEMANIA 25

Did HHH ever beat the Undertaker?

HHH lost at Wrestlemania,but he won a match in Smackdown (cleanly) and he once he beat THE HEAL OUT of The Undertaker and then he was arrested. I watched a lot of matches of boath superstars and I never saw Undertaker got beaten up like that by any man!!!

Did undertaker lose in WrestleMania?

No the Undertaker has never lost at Wrestlemania

How many matches has Roger Federer won?

At the end of the Rome Masters 2011 (15th May) Federer has won 771 matches over his career. He has lost 181 matches and has won 67 titles. Hope this helps

What wrestler has never lost a match?

undertaker or edge because undertaker never lost in wreslemaina and edge never lost a TLC match

How many fights did Mike Tyson loose?

He has lost 6 in his whole career. 0. He lost six, but he did not loose any.

How many matches has Randy Orton lost and won?

randy orton has lost 52 matches and won 519 matches he has been in 572 matches ...amooolh...

Will Shawn michales return to the WWE?

No, the deal at his Wrestlemania match was that if he won, the Undertaker's streak is over, but if he lost, his career is over. He lost, but he will come back for his 2011 Hall of Fame induction.

Has bill goldberg ever been defeated in wrestling?

Yes, Bill Goldberg has lost numerous matches throughout his impressive career.