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In IPL 2012 - 16 in the League Stages.

Plus there will be Semi Finals & Finals

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Q: How many matches are there for chennai super kings?
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How many sixes were hit by team Chennai Super Kings in IPL2?

chennai super kings

How many matches will the winning team play in the ipl 2011?

Team winning the IPL 2011 was Chennai Super Kings which played 16 matches.

What do chennai super kings need to be for semi-finals?

How many points needs to chinai super kings for qualify to semi final to IPL 2012

How many kind of bowlers are there in chennaI super kings?

Many. Fast, Medim Pace, Spin etc

How many runs did Mathew Hayden score for Chennai Super Kings in ipl 2009?


How many times Mumbai Indians lost in ipl3?

Mumbai lost very few matches in IPL 2010. In League they lost 4 matches which are:Against Royal Challengers Bangalore on March 20, 2010Against Chennai Super Kings on April 6, 2010Against Kings XI Punjab on April 9, 2010Against Kolkata Knight Riders on April 19, 2010They won the Semi final match against Royal Challengers Bangalore and lost to Chennai Super Kings in the Finals held on April 25, 2010.

How many teams winner in IPL 2010?

There were 8 teams in IPL 2010 and Chennai Super Kings were the winners

How many matches did Chennai Super Kings lose in IPL 2009?

During League Stages - 5 Lost the Semi Finals against Royal Challengers Bangalore. so, total 6 losses in IPL 2009.

Who sponsors csk?

There are many sponsors for the Chennai super kings. Some include:AircelReebokUnivercellPeter England7 upHello FMOrient PSPO fansNivea for MenOrbit chewing gumetc.

What does the acronym CSK stand for?

There are many acronyms for the letters CSK. A few of them are Chan Sui Ki College, Chennai Super Kings, Coretta Scott King and was the former country code for Czechoslovakia.

How many matches have gone into a super over in IPL?


How many IPL matches have gone into a super over?


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