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Q: How many match ban for the player on a red card in football game?
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What are match attacks?

match attack are a trading card game where you can swop cards with your friends. they are football cards.

What is the Two yellow cards rule in football?

A first yellow card is shown by the referee to the player guilty of an infringement. If the same player warrants a second yellow card later on in the game, the referee will show the second yellow card, and will then immediately show a red card and send the player off the pitch.

In what situation a football player looses his next match?

1. when he receives a direct red card 2. when he receives 2 yellow cards in the same match 3. if he receives one yellow card in a mach and if there is a carry over of a yellow card to the next match and if he receives another yellow card in the next match then he will be suspended for the next game. 4. some incident which ref didn't notice during the match but fifa can issue the ban.

Can you show a yellow card to a player before the game in the changing rooms?

No, a yellow card cannot be shown before a Football Match although a red card can be shown before a match if the player(s) is being violent or be a total ***hole. I hope i helped HC16

Can a player play in a repeated soccer match if a player got red card in a match and the match is repeated?

If the game is the next game they play, the player is unlikely to play as he would normally get a one match suspension. However, before the replay of a game a team may have some other games and the player might miss one of those instead and be available to play in the replay.

When does a red card suspension start in the English football league?

The red card suspension starts from the very next game and is usually 3 match ban . Although if the reason for the red card is severe , the suspension might be for more than 3 matches . The player can also appeal against the red card .

What happens if you get a red card at the world cup?

A red card immediately removes you from the game, and, in most cases, suspends from the next few games. Also, your team has to play down a player for the remainder of that game, and if you return to the field your team forfits

Can a football player receive two yellow cards and continue a game?

If a player receives a caution and is shown the yellow card for the second time in the same match, that player must be sent off and also shown the red card. However, there have been cases of referee error when the send-off did not occur as required, and so the player was permitted, incorrectly, to continue play.

How do you play a match on football manager?

I think the game is about managing football so I don't think you actually play a match on it.

How many games does a player misses after red card?

This is dependent on the league or competition rules. The Laws of the Game do not specify anything other than the player must be sent-off from the current match and not replaced.

What is the British English word for soccer?

soccer = football "a game of soccer" = "a football match"

What does partido mean in English?

game/match, as in; fui al partido de futbol - i went to the football game/match