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Rafael Nadal has won the most ATP Masters titles with 19.

As of May 26th, 2011.

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There are nine Masters 1000 tournaments. Venues for the 2009 Masters series are as follows: Indian Wells, Miami, Monte Carlo, Rome, Madrid, Canada, Cincinnati, Shanghai and Paris.

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2010 is the 74th Masters.

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Q: How many masters golf tournaments have been played?
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Which 2 golf tournamants have always been played on the same course i.e. the masters has always been played at Augusta National. Name the other?

There are many tournaments that are always played at the same golf course.

Which major golf championship is played in April?

Many golf tournaments are held in April, but the most famous tournament is the Masters, held in Augusta, Georgia. The four "major" golf tournaments are the Open, the US Open, the Masters, and the PGA Championship.

How many PGA golf tournaments have been won by Trevor Immelman?

As of April 14, 2008, Trevor Immelman has won 2 PGA tournaments, the 2006 Cialis Western Open and the 2008 Masters.

How many tournaments would you have played to win the grand slam of golf?

The Grand Slam in golf is all 4 men's professional major championships in one year. That is The Masters, US Open, The Open and PGA Championship. So 4, but the main problem is getting into The Masters, it has an elite field of less than 100 players, therefore you would need to play a lot of tournaments to get into it.

How many masters tourments has jack nicklaus golf in?

Jack Nicklaus has 18 wins in several championships but I don't know if how many are for master tournaments.. ----------------- Golf Packages | Golf Vacation | Golfzoo

When was the Masters golf played at St Andrews?

The Masters was never played at St. Andrews. It is the Open Championship that is often played there.

What major golf championship is played in April?

The Masters.

Who will be playing in the 2008 Master's Golf Tournament?

By the time this question was answered The 2008 Masters had already been played.

How many major golf tournaments have been won over par?


Can a person golf in the masters?

Up to this point every golfer in the masters has been a person.

What pro golf tournament is played in Georgia?

The Masters is the most famous golf tournament played in Georgia.

Where is the Augusta National Golf Club located?

33° 30′ 0″ N, 82° 1′ 20″ W33.5, -82.022222