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Q: How many male college basketball players are in the NCAA?
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When was Best Male College Basketball Player ESPY Award created?

Best Male College Basketball Player ESPY Award was created in 1993.

When did Best Male College Basketball Player ESPY Award end?

Best Male College Basketball Player ESPY Award ended in 2001.

What percentage of high school basketball players play college or pro basketball?

According to the NCAA here are the stats:Men's BasketballLess than one in 35, or approximately 3.1 percent of high school senior boys playing interscholastic basketball will go on to play men's basketball at a NCAA member institution.About one in 75, or approximately 1.2 percent of NCAA male senior basketball players will get drafted by a National Basketball Association (NBA) team.Three in 10,000, or approximately 0.03 percent of high school senior boys playing interscholastic basketball will eventually be drafted by an NBA team.These numbers relate to high school seniors, so if you estimate that seniors are 40% of the average high school team, then the percentage of players on the team to make it to the next lower are even lower:High school to College3.1% of Seniors1.1% of Varsity PlayersCollege to pros 1.2%High school to Ppros0.038% of Seniors0.015% of Varsity Players

What is the percentage of male basketball players who play through high school and college making it into the NBA?

1 percent of high school goes to college 1 percent of college goes to nba

Has any ncaa school won male and female basketball titles in the year?

uconn in 2004

Should MOST male basketball players stop growing at 5'1?

It is not true.

What NCAA team has produced the most male basketball All-Americans?

University of North Carolina Tar Heels have

What is the Basketball ave height?

The average height of male basketball players is 6 feet and 3 inches, for females, 5 feet and 7 inches.

What percentage of today's Major League Baseball players played in college?

As of 2011, about 38 percent of the Major League Baseball players had played in college. Within the past 10 years, approximately 56 percent of the picks in the first round in the MLB draft are college players. Only about 10 percent of male college baseball players will get drafted.

How much money does male basketball players get paid?

anywear from a vet minimum of 450 k and a max of 25 mil

What percentage of high school players make it to the NBA?

Assuming you mean in the United States alone, the number is very small: .02%, to be exact.There are about 15 kids on a high school team. There is one scholarship given to play college basketball to about 1 kid out of 5-7 teams. That is 1/90 kids.There are over 250 college basketball teams in the nation. There are about 12 kids on those teams, making about 3000 male athletes in total.There will be 60 lucky individuals chosen in the NBA draft, and about 15-20 more who will make NBA teams with impressive NBA Summer League performances. That is about 80 kids in total.The end result is not favorable for those who wish to become professional basketball players: only about .02% of male basketball players make the NBA. In others words, only 1/5000 male basketball players who make their high school team will make it in the NBA.

Which basketball is bigger out of a male basketball and a female basketball?

the male basketball is bigger, a female basketball has a diameter of 28.5 inches a males is about 2 inches bigger

Who was Oldest male to play basketball?

Our local college, Roane State Community College, just had the oldest man to ever play college basketball on November 3, 2008. At 73, Ken Mink played six minutes of the game, and scored two free throws with ease.

How many male NCAA athletes are there?


What is the percentage of male basketball players who play through high school make it into the NBA and play at least three years of professional ball?


How much money is spent seeing female basketball players than male basketball players?

The women's league play fewer games and have smaller crowds than the men do. Very much money money is spent on watching the men play than is spent on watching the women play.

Do Male Players in Netball have to wear skirts or Dresses?

no they do not have to wear dresses or skirts men play basketball although they can play netball however they wear pants

Is Terry Fox's basketball coach a female or male?

his coach is male

How many players in Wimbledon?

128 male players and 128 female players (singles)

Who is the female patron saint of basketball?

There is no male or female patron saint of basketball. The patron saint of all sports, male and female, is St. Sebastian.

Who is LaVantez Knight?

a male basketball player

Are there any male professional tennis players who are rumoured to be Gay?

No professional male tennis player has ever publicly come out of the closet. Not that there haven't been gay male tennis players.

What are the names of air bud's puppies?

AIR BUDDIES SERIES * Rosebud-female/soccer * Budha -male/baseball * Budderball -male/football * Mudbud -male/volleyball * B-Dawg-male/basketball ---- SEVENTH INNING FETCH:AIR BUD SERIES * shooter-male/basketball * zack-male/volleyball * duke-male/football * striker-male/soccer

What makes men's basketball more popular than women's basketball?

Men are more interested in sports than women are. That said, men are more likely to watch other "alpha males" play basketball. Women are not exciting enough to men. When it comes to sports, men like to watch other men unless it is a feminine sport like synchronized swimming. The ball is pitched faster, hit further and the players run harder. In general, the level of athleticism is higher with male athletes. It's just more awesome to see what some of those male players can do.

Why is women's basketball less popular than men's basketball?

Mens basketball is more poular because they have more exciting things. Like dunking and fights and people getting tachnicals. Womens basketball has none of that. IN womens basketball only one person dunks and she doesn't do it all the time. that's why womens basketball is less popular than mens.Answeri think men's basketball is more popular because their sport has been around longer than women's. men's basketball was invented first Women started playing basketball one year after basketball was invented. So the above answer really has no meaning in the equation.AnswerPeople want to see the best athletes play and the bottom line is that men who are good enough to compete in the NBA or NCAA are better than their female counterparts. Personally, I think Women's college basketball can be interesting when you have top teams like Tennessee and UCONN squaring off, but it's a fact that male basketball players are better. Case in point: A few years ago I read a Sports Illustrated article about how Pat Summit's Tennessee Volunteers play against a practice squad of male students. Obviously, these guys are talented, but they aren't good enough to make the men's team and yet they're good enough to beat some of the best women.

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