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Q: How many male NCAA athletes are there?
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Related questions

How many NCAA athletes are African American?

about 76%

How many NCAA athletes are there each year?


How many students athletes participate NCAA sports?

a large amount of people participate in in NCAA sports.

How many Malaysian male athletes participated in the 2008 summer Olympics?

2000 malatsin male athletes partcopated

How many student athletes participate in NCAA sports?

a bunch

How many male Indian athletes in 2008 Olympics?

That were 28 male athletes from India that competed in the 2008 Games in Beijing.

Percentage of black NCAA athletes?


How many male college basketball players are in the NCAA?


Where do NCAA athletes go after college?

Depending on their sport and skill level, some NCAA athletes will go on to become professional athletes. However, the vast majority will go on to live a normal life working a job pertaining to their degree.

What are the athletic achievements of UCLA?

Besides the many great olympic and professional athletes that have come out of UCLA, the Bruins have won 100 NCAA Championships. No other school in the NCAA has accomplished that.

What is the NCAA?

The NCAA is the National Collegiate Athletic Association - the association which regulates athletes of 1281 institutions, conferences and organizations, including many colleges and universities in the United States and Canada.

What is the employment rate of ncaa student athletes?


What NCAA school graduates most athletes?

Notre Dame with graduating more than 98 percent of their athletes.

Does the NCAA allow college athletes to get jobs?

they are not allowed to get a job

How many athlete's go pro each year?

about 1/250 athletes go pro from college according to ncaa statistics

Which college boasts the highest graduation rate of its NCAA Division 1 athletes?

Notre Dame graduating an impressive 98% of their athletes.

How many athletes did Romania have at the Athens Olympics?

103 (56 female and 47 male)

Why was the NCAA created?

To protect young athletes from dangerous and/or exploitive athletic practices

How many div 3 basketball teams are there?

NCAA Division III is made up of 444 member institutions. It is the largest NCAA division. It has more participants (about 170,000 student-athletes) and number of schools than any other NCAA division. There are 413 NCAA Division III Men's Basketball teams and 434 Women's teams.

How many male and female athletes competed in the 1924 Olympics?

135 women, 2,954 men

Who is the fittest male in the world?

There are lots of fit males in the world, many of them are athletes. It is not known who is the fittest.

Can ncaa scholarship athletes work for pay?

yes, can work for money at a ligititamate job.......

Why do women athletes get paid less than men athletes?

While opinions may vary, the main reason women athletes are paid less than male athletes is because the amount of revenue generated by male athletes. Male sports bring in more ratings on television which in turn bring out bigger sponsors who are willing to spend more money to endorse the team or product.

Which athletes were voted Sports Illustrated male and female athletes of the year?

Tom Brady and Tori Praver

How much do college athletes get paid?

They don't. It's a violation of NCAA rules for college athletes to be paid anything, or even to be given gifts from alumni or backers of the school.