How many major wins has Tiger Woods won?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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27/6/09- 14 majors.

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Q: How many major wins has Tiger Woods won?
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How many worldwide wins does Tiger Woods have?

Tiger Woods has 74 world wide wins since 30th of august 2012

How many wins does Tiger Woods have on the PGA Tour?

Through 2009, Tiger Woods has won 71 PGA Tour event wins.

How many championships has Tiger Woods won all together?

As of 23rd August 2009 he has won 14 major championships.

How many wins do tiger woods have in 2009?

As of 31st August he has 5 wins in 2009.

How many pro tournament wins has Tiger Woods?

68 until today then it will be 69

Compare Gary Player to Tiger Woods?

As of 6th August 2009 Tiger Woods- 92 Professional wins Includes: 69 PGA Tour wins 14 Major Championships Career Grandslam by age 24 Gary Player- 164 Professional wins Includes: 24 PGA Tour wins 9 Major Championships Career Grand slam by age 29

How much does Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods wins about 5 or six tournaments on an average year adding in 2004.

How much does Tiger Woods win?

Tiger woods wins about 5 or six tournaments on an average year adding in 2004.

Has Tiger Woods set the record for the most majors won in the history of golf?

No, he still trails Jack Nicklaus who has 18 major wins. Tiger only has 14.

Who was the most succestful black professional golfer ever before Tiger Woods?

In terms of Major wins Jack Nicklaus is the most successful golfer of all time, he has 18, Tiger Woods has 14. In regards to PGA tour wins Sam Snead is the all time leader.

How many golf tour has Tiger Woods won world wide?

Tiger Woods has 92 professional wins to his name. 68 PGA Tour wins 36 European Tour wins 2 Japan Tour wins 1 Asian Tour win 14 others. NB Some events are sanctioned by PGA Tour and European Tour so that is why the total is more than total wins. NB On 2nd August 2009 Tiger Woods enters the final Round of The Buick Open as leader, he will probably win it.

What is Tiger Woods famous for?

Tiger Woods is famous for being arguably the greatest golfer who has ever walked the earth. He has 92 professional wins, including 14 majors.