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well there is level and teams

level 1-10 (easy and beginner classes do not compete)

team which is team 2- 10 (harder skills and gymnsat complete)

then collage and then Olympics or small meets not as big as the Olympics

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Q: How many levels are there in gymnastics between level one and level elite?
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What level do you have to be in gymnastics to get a scholorship?

If you want to get a gymnastics scholarship to a college, you should probably be in a level between levels 8 and elite, because that's what level college gymnasts typically are.

What are is the highest levels in gymnastics and lowest?

The lowest level is Level One. Th highest Level is elite but two levels come befor elite

What is the difference between recreational gymnastics and levels?

In recreational gymnastics, you don't compete and just do it for fun and to stay fit, but when you compete, you're on Team gymnastics and you have different levels that you compete in for different skills. From levels 1-6, you compete compulsory routines- that the USA Gymnastics have made up, but when you get to level 7-10, you make up your own routines. After level 10, you're considered to be elite.

What exact age do you have to be to be a level 11 gymnast?

Gymnastics levels are only 1-10, after that you are elite or professional. Levels are not usually regarded by age but by skill capability level.

What level are you at gymnastics?

Newly Junior Elite

What level of gymnastics is Shawn Johnson in?

She is an senior international elite. International Elite is the highest level.

What is the definition of an elite athlete?

elite is the top level in gymnastics, and elite gymnasts fo the hardest skills. in gymnastics, there are the levels 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,and elite.

What are 6phases of gymnastic?

they are called levels. the main levels are levels 1-10 , and then Elite. Elite is the level in which you can go to the Olympics.

Do you have to have levels in gymnastics?

Yes, you do have levels in gymnastics and it goes up to level 10 and then you go onto the advanced levels 1 and 2 and then you could probably be in the Olympics!

What is the highest level of figure skating?

I believe it is Senior. You must take a few tests to achieve the Senior level. If you pass than you are partially in the Senior level but must move on to take the next test. Hope This Helped!!! -Icesk8rgrl

How many levels are in gymnastics before college?

There are 9 levels in gymnastics before you go to college right now im in level 4

What level belt do you have to be in gymnastics?

There are no belts in gymnastics. There are competitive levels, but there are no belts. If you're asking what level you have to be to be competitive, that would be level 4. To train for the Olympics, you must reach level 10.