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More then 40.

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Ithink there are about 10 levels

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Q: How many levels are there in archery?
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What organizations help to regulate archery and its standards?

There are many organizations dedicated to "regulating" archery and the standards of competition. The following is a list of some of the most prominent of those organizations.FITA (Federation Internationale de Tir a l'Arc), an international archery federation which regulates the Olympic Archery competitions, the World Cup Archery competitions, and many other international archery competitions.IBO (International Bowhunting Organization), an organization which promotes and sponsors bowhunting around the world.USAA (USA Archery), the organization which promotes, regulates and sponsors Olympic-style archery in the United States of America (U.S.A.).NFAA (National Field Archery Association), promoting and sponsoring bowhunting, target archery, and other kinds of archery in all it's many forms and styles in the U.S.A.AAS (Archery Association of Singapore), promoting and sponsoring archery in Singapore.Archery GB (formerly Grand National Archery Society), the national Governing Body for Archery in the UK (United Kingdom, also known as Great Britain).There are, of course, many more archery organizations around the world, the majority of which regulate, promote and sponsor archery competitions and activities at Regional and Local levels.

What can one find on Mathew's Archery website?

One can find many things helpful for archery on Matthew's Archery website. For example, Matthew's Archery sells bows and archery accessories needed for many archers.

How many pages does Zen in the Art of Archery have?

Zen in the Art of Archery has 90 pages.

Where can one hear archery talk shows?

Archery is a very popular sport that many individuals enjoy participating in. One can read and hear archery talk shows on websites such as Archery History.

How many Different bows are used in the archery Olympics?

Olympic archery only uses recurves.

Is archery an indoor game?

It can be, although outdoor archery is common. Many bow ranges are indoors.

How many syllables in archery?


How many countries are participating in archery at London Olympics?

32 countries are participating in archery at London Olympics.

How many syllables are in the word archery?


Did Robin Hood start archery?

No, Archery was in use many thousands of years before the Robin Hood tales. Archery was in use as far back as Human recorded History goes.

What do people shoot arrows at?

Archery, and some types of hunting.

How many countries are participating in archery in the London Olympics?

There are about 32 countries participating in Archery. some territories are representing themselves