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Premier League: Winners 4 Times

1954-55, 2004-05, 2005-06, 2009-10

Runners up: 4 Times

2003-04, 2006-07, 2007-08, 2010-11

Second Division: Winners 2 Times

1983-84, 1988-89

Runners Up: 5 times

1906-07, 1911-12, 1929-30, 1962-63, 1976-77

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Q: How many leaque titles have chelsea fc won since its formation?
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How many titles have Manchester united won since abramovich took over Chelsea?

Since Roman Abramovich took over Chelsea in 2003, Manchester United have won 5 league titles- 2006/7, 2007/8, 2008/9, 2010/11, 2012/3.

Can you name the clubs who have competed in the Premier League since its formation in 1992?

Only Chelsea,ManU,Arsenal,LPool,Villa,Spurs and Everton have been ever present since 1992 in Premiership.

Which English club has many premiership titles?

Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea Blackburn Rovers These are the only 4 teams to have won the FA Premier League with Manchester United taking the most titles since the Premier League was formed in the 90's you have forgot Liverpool

How many times have each team won the premier league?

Of the 45 clubs to have competed since the inception of the Premier League in 1992, five have won the title: Manchester United (12 titles), Arsenal (3 titles), Chelsea (3 titles), Blackburn Rovers (1 title) Manchester City (1 title)

How long has john terry been at Chelsea FC?

He has been at Chelsea since 1995.

Are Chelsea Kane and Chelsea Staub different people?

No, not the celebrity. Chelsea Kane Staub was born on September 15, 198. Since 2001, she is known as Chelsea Kane.

When did anelka play for Chelsea?

He joined Chelsea on 11th January 2008, he has played for them ever since.

Played for 2 of top 4 clubs?

William Gallas - Chelsea and Arsenal. Ashley Cole - Arsenal and Chelsea. Mikael Silvestre - Manchester United and Arsenal. Emmanuel Petit - Chelsea and Arsenal. Nicolas Anelka - Arsenal, Liverpool (Loan) and Chelsea. Mark Bosnich - Manchester United and Chelsea. Andrew Cole - Arsenal and Manchester United. Mark Hughes - Manchester United and Chelsea. Jermaine Pennant - Arsenal and Liverpool. Paul Ince - Manchester United and Liverpool. Juan Sebastian Veron - Manchester United and Chelsea. Boudewijn Zenden - Chelsea and Liverpool. These are the few I know of for a fact. These are all since the formation of the Premier League.

Why Manchester united played Chelsea in the community shield. Eventhough Chelsea won both fa cup and premier league?

because since its the fa cup winner against the E.P.L. winner, there was no one to play Chelsea since they won both, so since Man Utd. was the first runner up, they were Chelsea's opponent

How many title chelsea win?

Chelsea has won a total of 26 trophies since it was founded in 1905.

How long Carlo ancelotti been manager for Chelsea?

He managed Chelsea FC for 2 years because he managed Chelsea FC since 2009

What team has won the most league titles in world football?

Manchester United Chelsea Arsenal Liverpool Manchester City Tottenham Hotspur Aston Villa