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liverpool 18 titles

man utd 19 titles

man utd aresh**

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Man united are level with Liverpool at 11. . . . . . Can you please answer my question on Emma Watson. It goes something like this: how to contact her, not using a letter. Anyone who knows the answer is welcome to answer it. Tanx in advance

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18 titles Liverpool

19 titles man u

Liverpool fc

Manchester poonited

Liverpool fc rule Manchester United drool!

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They have won the FA Cup 7 times, coming runner up 6 times. They last won the FA Cup in 1991 against West Ham. The match itself went to 3-3 and Liverpool won 3-1 on penalties.

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Q: How many league titles has Liverpool won?
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How many thophies has Liverpool won?

major titles include 18 Premier League titles and 5 Champions league titles

Who has won most titles in England?

Liverpool have won 18 league titles!

Did Liverpool won any titles?

Many , Liverpool Best Titles were the 5 times winning the Champions League. In The 8Os they were the best team in the world. :)

How many league titles did Liverpool win in the 1980's?

They won about nine E.P.L.

What European Trophies has Liverpool won?

Liverpool have won: 5 Champions league titles , 3 Uefa cup titles and 2 European super cup titles.

How many times has Liverpool won epl?

they have never won the premier league but have won 18 English league titles before the formation of premier league in 1992.

Who has won the league the most?

Liverpool and Manchester United have won 18 titles each.

Have Liverpool or man utd ever won 4 league titles in a row?

Yes it could be Liverpool.

Who won the most the champions league title from England?

Liverpool have won the most champion league titles with 5 trophies.

The number of champions league titles Liverpool won?

5 so far

Which Liverpool manager has won most league titles for the club?

Bob Paisley

Who has won more league titles Chelsea or Liverpool?

Liverpool, by a long way. Chelsea had won little before Abramovich bought the club.