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Q: How many league goals have Everton scored since 1888?
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What premier league teams have scored over 1000 goals since it started?

Man utd chelsea Liverpool Newcastle arsenal everton

How many goals has Fernando Torres score against Chelsea in the premier league since he came in the league?

He has scored no goals against Chelsea but he has scored 5 in 32 appearances for them

How many goals has arsenal scored in premier league since it began?


Who has scored the most goals against arsenal since the premier league started?

didier drogba with 13 goals

Who has scored the most goals since the premiere ship began?

Alan Shearer - 261 Premier league goals.

How many goals as robin vanpersie scored in the English premier league for arsenal fc?

Robin Van Persie has scored 92 goals for Arsenal FC in the Premier League since his move to the club.

How many players have scored 100 plus goals in the premier league?

Since the E.P.L started in 1992 only 18 players have scored 100 goals or more.

Most goals scored by African player in English premier league?

It will be held by Drogba of Chelsea, he has scored at least 25 goals each year., since he joined Chelsea in 2004.

How many goals has Nemanja Vidic scored?

In league competitions, since the start of his professional career in the 2000-01 season, Nemanja Vidic has scored: 6 goals for Spartak Subotica 12 goals for Red Star Belgrade 4 goals for Spartak Moscow 14 goals for Manchester United Giving a total of 36 league goals. He has also scored two goals in international competition.

How many goals has Chamakh scored for arsenal since joining the club?

8 in the league 12 in all competitions

Which player has scored the most penalties since the premiership started?

Yakubu Ayegbeni of Everton

How many nationalities have scored goals in the premier league since it started?

I believe it is 73 following Bigirimana's goal on Monday

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