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Q: How many layers does WWE diva kelly kelly have in her hair?
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How many layers does the epidermis have in hair?

Hair does not have an epidermis layer.

How many layers?

If ur hair is long or about waist length then 7 layers. If ur hair is the ur shoulders or shorter, then maybe 2-4 layers

How do you curl hair with layers?

straightner Youtube has many tutorials

How many layers does a kimono have?

3 layers of clothing but 96 diffrent animents and belts ( ther are none in the hair)

What is a good hair cut for a girl with medium length brown hair and side bangs?

Many layers!! :D

How many layers do you need for scene hair?

i would say about 9 or 10

How many layers of wool do sheep have?

Usually one, much the same as you have one layer of hair on your head, if you have hair on your head.

What layered hair cut would suit my long fine hair?

Layers can do a good thing for fine hair. They can add volume, body, and even be used to frame the face. The length and how many layers will be depending on how short you are willing to go.

How many layers does Andy six have in his hair?

I believe that he has none, I'm never so sure.

How many layers do emo girls have?

it truly depends on how thick your hair is. Go to a hair stylist, they would be happy to find your perfect style

How many layers of skin does a dog have?

well i think a dog has on layer of skin like use but with hair on it :)

What fashion hair is out?

It may be hard to believe but layers are officially OUT. The long or short straight cut is apparently IN because of the many styles and creations you can do with that sort of hair.

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