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It depends what event you do i a swim meet. Like 1oo free, 200 free, etc. But 100,25, 50 doesn't man 50 laps or whatever,it means yards or meters. See, each lap is a 25 yard or meter lap. So 100 is 4 laps. Thanks :)

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Q: How many laps do swimmers usually swim in a swim meet?
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What is starter in swimming?

"The Starter" in swimming is the meet official in charge of running the starting equipment. A meet start consists of one long whistle, telling swimmers to climb onto the block, the announcement "swimmers take your mark", and lastly a loud beep announcing the start of the race.

How many 25 yard pool laps in a mile?

Well, in the swimming world a mile is a common event in a meet and is 1650 in yards. In this event there are 66 laps, and a lap is one time across the pool. It's a common mistake for people to think that one lap equal 50 yards. Hope this helped:) If you wanted to do an actual mile, you would have to swim 71 laps.

What are the qualifications to be a swimmer in the Olympics?

for swimming there is a meet called Olympic trials to reach that point there are tie standards you must reach. From that point the swimmers swim once in prelims where the top 16 move on to semi finals once the swimmers swim here the Field narrows even more down to 8 swimmers finally the swimmers swim one last race in the finals the top two swimmers in that race go to the Olympics

What is the length of the game in swimming?

its called a meet from 2 hrs to 4 days sometimes even longer depending on the amount of teams and swimmers there

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How many officials at a swim meet?

It all depends on who is running the meet, how many lanes there are in the pool, and if it is a qualifying meet. Usually, for a finals meet for any big event there are 4-5 officials circling the far side of the pool, 3 in the sides of the pool, and one official on the starts/finishes side of the pool.

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The swim meets are funded by the swimmers. you have to pay to swim in the swim meet. the big meets (e.g: grand prix, nationals) are funded by USA swimming.

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