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yoga type

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Q: How many laps did the ancient Romans do while chariot racing?
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What effect does Roman chariot racing have on us today?

Roman chariot racing was the great, great, grandfather of our modern day harness racing and auto racing. The connection with harness racing is obvious, while the auto racing incorporates the speed and touch of danger that the ancient chariot races held.

What civilization started chariot racing?

While it is not known exactly who created the sport, there are reports that go back as far as the existence of the chariot itself. The earliest reports of chariot racing date back to the funeral celebration of Patroclus.

Are chariots used in any Olympic Games?

no at least not for a while in the first olympic games chariot racing was acceptable. Now days it is considered too dangerous.

How where the Ancient Rome entertain?

The Romans held games. This was a name for religious festivals which lasted several days and could include chariot races, feasts, and performances by street theatre groups, singing, dancing and tightrope walkers. The chariot races and the gladiatorial games were the most popular forms of entertainment. Rich Romans entertained guests with lavish dinner parties with many courses. They ate while reclining because it was thought that it helped digestion. The poor could not afford to give dinner parties. Nor did they eat while reclining.

Did the ancient Romans have books like you do today?

No. Although the ancient Romans had books, they were very different form the books of today. Our present day books are of the codex form while the Romans used scrolls for their books. It depends on what period you mean. Romans invented the codex.

What is the Latin name for dolphins?

There isn't a word for dolphins. Latin was made my the ancient Romans and ended with the ancient romans. The reason it is a dead language is because it does not change, while modern languages do. The Ancient Romans never saw dolphins, so they never made a word for it. If they did, it wouldn't have been dolphin.

What did the ancient Romans use for navigation?

They used the stars while at sea, the sun, maps but of course they weren't truly accurate.

Are stadium and hippodrome same?

In the stadiums foot races,boxing,wrestling sporting contests were held while in hippodromes chariot and horse race events were held in ancient olympics.

How tut died?

he fell off his chariot while hunting

Who out of the ancient people had the earliest form of federal government?

Romans had a democracy while other countries were still living with kings and queens.

What civilization invented the first ever war helmet?

While many would think the Romans made the first helmets it was really the ancient Mesopotamians. The Romans copied off of many civilizations like Ancient China or maybe even Ancient Egpyt.There was even a golden helmet made for King Meskalamdug, a king from ancient Mesopotamia for ceremonies.

Why racing bike bend inward while taking a turn?

why racing bike bends inward while talking a turn? answer

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