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Muhammad Ali won by knockout 37 times.

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Q: How many knockouts did Muhammad Ali have?
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How many matches did Muhammad Ali win?

He had 61 bouts, won 56 (37 by knockouts) and lost 5.

List Muhammad Ali's knockouts?

Sunny Liston , Floyd Patterson, George Foreman, and Joe Frazier.

How many fights did Ali lose?

Muhammad Ali loses 5 matches in boxing before he came up to retire. His total match records are 17 knockouts, 56 wins and 5 losses.

How many daughters does Muhammad Ali have?

Muhammad Ali (born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.; January 17, 1942)Muhammad Ali has Seven daughters, And Also Two Sons.He has 5 losses (4 Judge decisions and 1 TKO) and 0 draws in his long career, while amassing 56 Wins (37 knockouts and 19 decisions).

How many children does Muhammad Ali have?

Muhammad Ali has 9 children

Muhammad Ali how many wiwes he had?

Muhammad Ali had 4 wives ...

How many ko's did Muhammad Ali do?

Muhammad Ali had 37 ko's

Who are Muhammad Ali's sons?

Muhammad Ali, Jr. and Asaad Amin are the sons of Muhammad Ali. He also has many daughters.

What are some of the most famous boxing knockouts?

One of the most famous boxing knockouts was Muhammad Ali knocking out Sonny Liston in 1965. As a huge underdog it launched one of the great sporting career's. Other famous knockouts include Ali knocking out George Foreman and Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson for one of the biggest shocks ever.

What was Muhammad Ali first wife name?

How many wives did Muhammad ali have? what are their names? What are Muhammad ali children names, ages, birthday,

How many sons does Muhammad Ali have?

Muhammad ali has 7 daughters and 2 sons.

How many world championships did Muhammad ali win?

Muhammad Ali won 56 bouts.

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