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Many kids dream of being professional athletes.

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Q: How many kids want to grow up and become professional athletes?
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How many kids grow up to be professional athletes?

Not very many at all. Probably about 1/1000

Why DO kids have to grow?

Kids should grow to become more mature adults in the future.

Can kids with ADHD become professional football players?

Yes. Kids with ADHD can become many things as long as there ADHD does not affect how well they perform there job.

How drawing is good for kids?

drawing is good for kids because when they grow up they can become an artist and also drawing is good practice for kids for when they grow up to be something to do with their talent

Where is professional wrestler Claude 'Thunderbolt' Patterson?

Claude Patterson retired from the ring in 1994 and now runs a program called Athletes Supporting Kids in Atlanta.

WHAT percentage of kids become professional soccer players?

It depends on how hard they push! If I where to take every single player in the league, about 4% of kids in America become professionals... Thanks

What percent of kids want to become a professional athlete?

Children say that famous athletes rank second only to parents (92%) and on par with their teachers (72%) as the people they admire most. Both boys and girls name professional or Olympic athletes as among the people they say they "look up to or want to be like" (73%). Ten to 17-year-olds name famous athletes much more frequently than other celebrity figures, such as TV/move stars (56%) or rock/rap musicians (32%). Sports junkies name famous athletes (91%) as often as their parents (92%) when asked who they "look up to or want to be like."

Can adults become kids again?

Some adults never grow up.

Why does Gregory from diary of a wimpy kids want to grow up?

he wants to grow up to become a popular boy but to not get his puberty

What are values and strengths that can help a teacher become a true professional?

A teacher should have knowledges in educating kids, because the work of a teacher will be always with kids. A teacher can be professional by analyzing human behaviours and attitudes and opinions. A teacher has to be very social.

Will your kids on the sims one grow the teens or adults?

No in the sims 1, sims do not age. They do in the sims 2. So kids will not become teens or adults in sims 1. No in the sims 1, sims do not age. They do in the sims 2. So kids will not become teens or adults in sims 1.

How do trees grow wider and fatter?

Trees grow just about as humans do.. well, not exactly, we start out as small kids, and by the time we become adults, we have gotten bigger, trees do the same...

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Which kids of bach's did become musicians?

All of his kids become musicians All of his kids become musicians

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in ur life you born u grow grow and grow you become teenager u play you go to school. you marrie. you also do ur university u do ur job you have kids and life goes on and u get olad and die.

How many mm do kids grow a day?

how many mm do kids grow a day

Why is it important to give kids love and attention?

If you don't treat your kids with love they could possibly grow up to become bad people, hang out with bad people and even become drug dealers. It also makes the feel rejected and feel as if no one loves them.

What is the most likely conclusion about alcinous' son?

The kids were good athletes.

What is most likely conclusion about alcinous son?

The kids were good athletes.

Have the large salaries of professional athletes had a negative impact on the athletes or the sports?

yeah, when athletes do bad things, it is showing a bad example and how selfish they can be. also when they play horrible and still get guarenteed money and they feel like nothing could be done and they also think they could do what they want and they think that no one could stop them and some of them act like they don't know you because they makeing alot of money and often they try to pertend that they don't need the money but again they really need it badder then you really do some athletes let the money get to there head and look over people and think that they are better then you but its just the money that's makeing them act the way they are acting but some professional athletes give back to there city or build an after school place for the kids after school Its called using a period dude.

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no they don't grow to toddler's, it is baby's then kids and they stay as kids but some say the grow into adults after kids but I'm not sure? :)

On sims castaway stories for PC in free play mode when do kids become adults?

this will help u they always grow up in 8 days

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Nothing. That's the way of the world: kids become sexual, make babies , grow old and die.

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What does an Olympic mascot do?

They are there to support the athletes and get young kids involved and to enjoy the Olympics.