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How many kids play Lacrosse in the US. Including rec, school and collegiate?

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โˆ™ 2009-08-29 16:54:34
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Q: How many kids play lacrosse in the US?
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How many kids in the US are allowed to play M games?

Its not possible to answer but many can

How many kids play baseball?

Over two million kids play baseball just in the US. its over 10 million in the world.

Do 72000 male athletes play lacrosse in high schools in the US?

Yes they do.

First sport in the US?

It is believed that the Native Americans used to play LACROSSE.

Does paul rabil play on the us lacrosse team?

yes he is on the usa team

How many kids in the US play basketball?

just about 1.1 million

How many kids play softball in the US?

about 3 and a half million

How many kids play Little League baseball in the US?

about 50 million in the US alone

Where can one find the rules for the sport Lacrosse?

The rules for the sport Lacrosse can be found on many online sites such as US Lacrosse, Dick's Sporting Goods, Wikihow, Laxpower, and Inside Lacrosse.

How many kids play football in the US?

I think that kids dont playing football, they like playing with you... lmao

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Too many to count!!! Its about time they start letting us get more physical and aggressive!!! and who knows, maybe that will cause us to have more supporters of women's lacrosse.

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Research shows more than 92 percent.

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The amount of kids between age six and seventeen that play golf is about two point eight million which is about a twenty four percent drop since 2005.

How was the US introduced to lacrosse?

lacrosse wasnt introuduced to the us. it was started in north America by the native Americans

How many colleges and universities in the US offer woman's NCAA lacrosse scholarships?


How much do pro Lacrosse players earn?

A pro lacrosse player in the National Lacrosse League averages $14,000 US per year. Some may earn more due to star status or endorsements, but most players hold down "day" jobs and play pro lacrosse for the love of the game. No one gets rich playing lacrosse...yet.about now 1.1 million a year,

What games do kids play in Japan?

they play how to be warriors or they play like us English people

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17 US Gallons