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18 to 20 players per team so roughly 40 boys and 40 girls both if and varsity

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Q: How many kids play high school soccer?
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How many high school soccer players in US?

There are thousands of high school soccer players in the United States of America. There are many more joining soccer every day.

How many kids attend Fenton High School?

Over 600 kids attend Fenton High School

Why don't very many kids play sports in high school?

Why dont kids play sports in high school?

How many feet is the high school soccer field?


How many kids are in high school?

depends on the school and town

How many people are on a men's high school soccer team?

There are eleven players in a mens high school soccer team. Soccer teams usually contain eleven players, unless you are playing 5-a-side soccer or it is a childrens team under 8 years old.

How many laps around a high school soccer field is one mile?


How many high school kids play football?

about 10000 kids

How many high school girls get recruited for soccer?

at my school for soccer 90 people tried out and only about 20 made it in so its about 1:4-5

How many years of school does it take to become a soccer player?

soccer players have to stay 2 years in high schoo

How many high school soccer teams in America?

Search through the internet.

How many kids are in forks high school?

358 including Bella that is not a lot my Elementary school has more kids then this

How many minutes are in each half of a girls high school soccer games?


Where is Hermitage High School located?

Hermitage High School is located in Richmond, Virginia. They offer many sports programs such as football, baseball, and soccer. The Hermitage High Panthers are the school's reigning football team.

How many kids graduate from high school?

a lot of people

How many high school kids get pregnant?

Too many, far too many...

How many kids did jenni rivera have in high school?

Jenni Rivera had 5 kids 2boys and 3girls

How many kids play high school basketball?

17% 17%

How many kids go the arroyoseco junior high school?


How many kids each year graduate from high school?

Not enough

How many minutes are in each half of a boys high school soccer game?

Most high schools play 40 minute halves.

How many kids that finish Middle School go onto high school?

Majority. almost all

How many people play basketball?

There are many, many people that play basketball, including elementary school kids, middle school kids, high school kids, college basketball players, NBA players, WNBA players, female players in schools, other countries, etc.

How many players on a high school soccer team?

it depends on how many the coach needs or will accept. but you need 11 to start and then subs.

How many players can dress for a high school soccer team?

it depends how many you want usually there is around 18 but you can have up to 25.