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not that many

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Q: How many kids drop out of school for sports?
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How many kids drop out of school each year?

88% of kids drop out of school in a year because of grade and focus

Why don't very many kids play sports in high school?

Why dont kids play sports in high school?

How many kids drop out of school in a year?

about 5 - 10 kids and 10 - 15 teens

How many kids fail school due to sports?

It really depends on what type of parenting you do. Most kids I know get scholarships for doing extra activitys such as sports

How many kids want to have sports in all elementary schools?

About 75% of the kids want to have sports in their elementary because its fun and they should focus on it then dong something else outside of school.

What do japanese kids do after school?

Many Japanese kids belong to clubs. These can be sports or game playing clubs. They do these activities after school. They also study, do homework, eat, and spend time with their family after school.

Are high school sports good for kids?

High school sports can provide many opportunities for a child such as acquiring physically fit body, developing character and skills and of course, having fun.

How many kids drop out of school before high school?

i don't know ask them ~ about 1 out of every 4 kids drop out so let say you and friends equal about 4 out of one of you will drop out becasue its too hard or you dont want to ... or trying to look cool for someone when really they will not even be there when you need the help stay in school and always try your hardest to stay in school

How many kids do sports in Australia?

A lot - basically every kid does a sport in Australia - plus you have to do sport at school.

What events can you have for kids?

We have many events for kids like: birthday party, sports day, funfair festival and many other school extra curricular activities for their entertainment and fun.

How many kids get injued in sports without a sports trainer?

A lot of kids but mostly the kids that play the sport wrong.