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We all know #23 and #45, however he had a game in Florida where his jersey was stolen and chose to where #12 for one game.

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Q: How many jersey number has Michael Jordan had in his nba career?
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When did Michael Jordan wore jersey number 9?

As far as his NBA career is concerned, he never wore jersey number 9.

What is the number of Jordan's jersey?

Michael Jordan played with the jersey numbers 23 and 45.

Is Michael Jordan's jersey number retired?


What jersey number did Michael Jordan wear with the Washington wizards?

He wore the jersey #23.

How much is a misprint Michael Jordan jersey worth?

Number 12

Why did Michael Jordan wear jersey?

yes he wore a red bulls jersey with the number 23 on it

What number did Michael Jordan wear when jersey got stolen?

His official number is 23 but when his jersey got stolen he wore a number 12 jersey

Why do they have a Jordan number 23 Washington bullets jersey?

because michael jordan played on the washington wizards.

Who wore the number 9 on his US Olympic basketball jersey?

Michael Jordan

What was Micheal Jordan's jersey number on the bulls?

Michael Jordan was number 23 on the Chicago Bulls where he won 6 NBA Titles.

Michael Jordan's jersey number for the Chicago BULLS?

23 , but he also wore 45.

What was Michael Jordan's jersey number with the Chicago Bulls?

23 , but he also wore 45.

What is Michael Jordan's jersey number with the Chicago Bulls?

His jersey numbers were 23 and 45 He also wore the number 9 at one point

What are the three jersey numbers Michael Jordan used for playing with the Chicago Bulls?

Michael Jordan only wore two numbers theywere 23 of course nad number 45 that was his out of retirement jersey?

What number was Michael Jordan in basketball?

Michael Jordan started out with number 23 but when he made his comeback to the Chicago bulls he was number 45. He also wore the number 12 for one game because his jersey was stollen.

What is the jersey no of Michael Jordan?

His official number is 23! Almost everyone in the world know expect you!

Who is number 23 of the Chicago bulls?

Michael Jordan was.currently nobody.that jersey is retired and always will be.

How much is a bulls number 45 jersey signed by Michael Jordan worth?

5 dolla

Why Michael Jordan change number 45 to number 23 in 1995?

he knows that this number where all his basketball career begins..

Michael Jordan's number pick?

Michael Jordan chose number 23.

What was Michael Jordan's jersey number for the North Carolina tar heels?

Im Pretty Sure It Was 45

How much is a childs white number 23 michael jordan jersey worth?

it depends on if its an authentic and if its official..

Did Michael Jordan ever have the number 12 for his jersey number?

He wore the number 12 once in a game against the Orlando Magic. His number 23 jersey was lost or stolen, and the 12 was available.

Why lebron James change his jersey number to number 6?

He wanted Michael Jordan's number (which is 23) to be retired throughout the entire NBA

Why did Michael Jordan wear a number 12?

his jersey was stolen from the the away team locker room before the game.