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They can only win the Champion league or the Europa league.

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Q: How many international cups AC Milan has won?
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How many uefa football cups won by ac Milan?

.Milan have won a total of seven U.E.F.A cups.

How many intercontinental championship have Milan won?

Milan has won a record of three Intercontinental Cups.

Who have won more international cups ac Milan or real Madrid?

none of them, They Are Both Clubs , They Officially Cannot Win International Cups.

Who has won more trophies juventus or ac Milan?

It should be a.c. Milan is better as they have won more Champion league cups.

Which football team has won most Italian Cups?

It is A.c. Milan.

Italian Team with most scudetto's won?

In Italy A.c. Milan have won the most cups.

Which team in Italy won the most cups?

It A.C. Milan, as once both Inter Milan and Milan were one team till 1909.

How many cups has Ryan Giggs won for Manchester United?

As of February, 2011 he has won 33 cups, both domestic and international, with Manchester United.

How many times have Milan won champions league?

Which Milan are you asking about?A.c. Milan have won it 7 times, and Inter Milan have won it 3 times.

How many championships has AC Milan won?

AC Milan has won three intercontinental cups as well as the FIFA club world cup. AC Milan holds 18 different officially recognized titles for Italian football and is considered one of the most successful in the sport.

How many Cups have Liverpool won?

Liverpool have won the most cups out of any English side including 18 League Cups and 5 Champions League Titles (3rd highest behind Real Madrid and AC Milan) as well as having won UEFA Cups, League Cups, FA Cups and Community Shields. Liverpool has won 8 Carling cups, 7 FA cups, and 15 FA shields, totaling 30 cups.

How many times have Milan won the Champions League?

A.C. Milan have won the champion league 7 times. Inter Milan have won it 3 times.

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