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Q: How many interception has mark Sanchez thrown in one game?
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How many times has Brett favre thrown an interception in an attempt in a game winning drive?

45 game winning drives

How many interceptions did David Ull have?

5 interception in one high school football game

How many pitches are there in baseball?

There is no limit to how many pitches can be thrown in a game.

How many game losing interceptions has Peyton Manning thrown in his career?


How many game losing interceptions has Brett Favre thrown in his career?


How many interceptions has troy aikman thrown in one game?

The most interceptions Troy Aikman has thrown in one game is 5 vs New York Giants in the 2000 season.

How many interception did charlie jarvis have for unlv?


How many games without an interceptions for Tom Brady?

Tom Brady has gone nine games without an interception, as far as the bills game. That is what i believe anyways.

How many interceptions has Kyle Orton thrown in a single game?

Kyle orton threw 1,622 interceptions in one game

How many game losing interceptions has Tom Brady thrown in his career?

he wont he will tie Montana with

How many yards in a single game were thrown by Tom Brady?

He averages 238 yards per game in 111 career starts

What Georgia player has the record for longest interception return for a touchdown and how many yards was it?

Charlie Britt holds the record for the longest interception return for a touchdown in Georgia Bulldog history. He ran an interception 100 yards against Florida-Jacksonville in 1959.