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It depends what part of the 1800's you want to know about. Early Baseball was simply a modified game of cricket which used four bases. The "New York Game" was one of the earliest forms of modern baseball. In the "New York Game" A complete "inning" where all nine players had batted was called a "hand", exactly as in early cricket. Batting rotated between the opposite sides on every out. For the New York Game, the winner was the first team to score 21 runs. So there were no set innings of play. Just the first team to get to 21 won the game. Later in the 1800's different versions of the game came about, and was renamed "townball", "base", or as we know it now as "Base-ball". After this form of the game was invented there came the first professional baseball league in 1871, the NAPBP (The National Association of Professional Base-ball Players). At this time the game was revised to 9 innings with three outs per team, and has not changed much since 1871.

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Q: How many innings were in the baseball games of the 1800s?
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