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Five innings constitute a game of rounders

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Q: How many innings are there in a rounders match?
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How many innings in rounders?

Depending on how many people are playing and the skill level of the players it can last between an hour to more like 12 hours.

How many ball does the remaining batter in a rounders match have to choose from?


In a test wicket match what is the most innings a side can have?

In a test match a bteam can have only two innings.

How many people in a danish rounders match?

3 on each team. just like in your mothers rounding match last night

How many runs did Donald bradman make in last test match innings?

not enough

How many innings are played by each tem in ipl?

One inning per match

How many runs did sachin scores in his ist test innings?

Against Pakistan in his debut test match, he managed 15 in first innings and did not bat in 2nd.