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Q: How many innings are there in a regulation Major League Baseball game?
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How many innings are there in a full-length regulation Major League Baseball game?


Who has the record for the most career innings in Major League Baseball?

major league baseball for the most career innings?

The number of innings in a game?

9 innings in a regulation baseball game. ---------- 9 innings in a professional...Major League and Minor, and in most college games. High School and PONY League games are 7 innings, and Little League (12-and-under) play 6 innings.

Innings in baseball?

There are '9' (nine) innings in a regulation Major-League baseball game, and in most semi-professional, college and high-school leagues as well. At lower levels and for younger players, the number of innings may be reduced to 7, or even 5.

How much innings are in a major league baseball game?

7 total innings are in a game altogether

When was it established that there will be 9 innings in a major league baseball game?

It was established that a major league baseball game would be comprised of nine innings by the National Association on March 7th, 1857. It only takes five innings, however, to be counted as an "official" game.

How many innings are played in Major League Baseball?


How many innings must be played for a major league baseball game to be considered complete?

9 innings

How many innings does the average major league pitcher throw?

5.98 innings per start, or about 6 innings, according to

Is there a 10 run rule after 4 innings in major league baseball?


What was the longest game in major league baseball history?

26 innings

What is the average number of innings in 2011 Major League Baseball games?

9 in major leagues

What is the average number of innings pitched per start for a major league pitcher?

5.98 innings, according to

How many innings for a major league baseball game to be considered complete?


What is the most innings a major league baseball team have scored in a game?

a billion!

What is the average life span of a Major League Baseball?

The average life span of a Major League baseball is 7 pitches. Other estimates are three innings.

Does ERA change if you play 7 innings?

ERA stands for Earned Run Average. The number of innings per game determines how ERA is calcuated. In Major League Baseball they play 9 innings so ERA is calculated with this equation, Earned Runs divided by 9. High School baseball (at least where I am located) plays 7 innings as a regulation length game. In this case a pitcher's ERA is Earned Runs divided by 7. In Little League the a regulation game is 6 innings, so ERA would be determined by Earned Runs divided by 6. If you are playing a game and it goes in to extra innings then a pitcher's ERA is not affected by the extra innings. If a regulation game is 6 innings, and the game goes into the seventh inning, then a pitcher's ERA is still determined by # of earned runs divided by 6. In summary ERA is ALWAYS determined by the amount of Earned Runs allowed divided by the number of innings played (not including extra innings).

Most innings ever played in major league baseball?

The MLB record for innings played was 26 by Brooklyn and Boston in 1920. The minor league record is 33 innings between the Rochester Red Wings and the Pawtucket Red Socks in 1981.

What was the longest Major League Baseball game in 2003?

A 23 innings game between the Indians and the Twins.

Is this true the average life of a major league baseball is five to seven pitches?

5-7 innings

Consecutive scoreless innings for a team?

The Major League Baseball team with the most consecutive scoreless innings is 56 by the Pittsburgh Pirates. They have held that record since 1903.

What baseball pitcher brushed his teeth between innings?

Eccentric major league pitcher Steven John "Turk" Wendell would brush his teeth between innings.

Why are there nine innings in a major league baseball game?

Because 10 is too many, and eight isn't enough

What is the longest major league baseball game ever played in history?

New york mets 22 innings

How many innings arec played in major league baseball?

There are three answers to this. First, the Official Game, or Regulation Game. If a game must be called, it is Official after five innings. Next, the Complete Game. This is nine innings. And finally, the Extra Innings Game. The only way a Major League Baseball game can end in a tie is if it's called. The rules state that the game must continue until either someone wins or the umpires call the game, usually on account of darkness. In the 2014 season there were two 19-inning games and a handful of 18-inning games; the longest game was 26 innings. The most important rule in extra innings: if a team can't field nine players, it forfeits.