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Q: How many inning does a starting pitcher in High school softball need to pitch to earn a win?
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In girls high school softball how many innings must the pitcher pitch to get the win?

Four consecutive innings if she is the starting pitcher. There's no minimum number required for relief pitchers.

Is it fair to ask a high school softball pitcher to pitch during tryouts without a catcher?

Short answer: NO

In softball if at any time a base runner leaves the base can they be tagged out?

yes they can I play High school softball and you can get but if you leave the base before the pitcher releases the ball you are out

How far is the pitcher from the batter box in softball?

40ft in high school, as of now.... 43 in college right now and soon to be high school

How far is the pitcher in softball from the batter?

It depends on what age division the team is in. Ohio high school pitchers are 43 feet from the batter

In high school baseball box scores what are batteries and the number in paretheses mean?

A pitcher and catcher are called a 'battery'. A number in parenthesis next to a player's name would mean the inning the pitcher/catcher came into the game. The starting pitcher and catcher do not have a number in parenthesis next to their names.

How many times can a coach go to the pitchers mound before the pitcher has to leave the game in high school girls softball?

2 times

Average high school softball throwing speed?

between 60-80 mph. our pitcher pitches a close 73 mph ball.

Do boys play softball in high school?

High school softball is typically reserved for girls

What size softball is used in high school?

12 inches for slow pitch and 11 inches for fast pitch

Can a high school softball catchers mitt be white?

yes, a high school softball catchers glove can be white.

In high school baseball how many innings must starting pitcher pitch to get the win?


A after school team sport?

At my school we had basketball, Soccer, and softball....

What size softball is used in High school fast pitch softball?

12 inch

Softball what are ladies softball field dimensions?

In fastpitch softball, the bases are 60 feet apart from the next. The pitcher's rubber is 40 feet from home plate in high school and ages 12U to18U. In 10U, the rubber is 35 feet. In 18U Gold and College, the rubber is 43 feet from home plate. Our high school field's fence is 210 feet, but this number varies.

When is high school softball season?


What softball pitcher has the most strikeouts in a single season?

Cat Hosfield, a high school All American and 2008 Softball National Player of the Year who is now playing at Tennessee. This All SEC team player fanned 659 batters in a single season during her junior campaign at Riverdale High School .

In the game softball how many players are in the infield?

Softball uses the same fielding as baseball, assuming you're talking about high school level and up. Pitcher, catcher, one player at each base plus a shortstop. Three in the outfield for a total of 9.

How far is the mound from home plate in girls slow pitch softball for high school girls?

There is no slow pitch softball for high school girls. In fact there is no slow pitch softball for middle school girls either. I would know since i play for my school.

What is the salary of a highschool softball coach?

In the US, the average annual salary for a high school softball coach is $33,000. The average yearly salary for a high school softball coach in Dallas, Texas is $34,000.

How many innings needed for a pitcher to get a win in High school baseball?

It depends, the pitcher must be in the game when his/ her team takes the lead. So, the pitcher could be put in an inning with 2 outs, throw one ball that ends up as a ground out or pop up and then the next half inning his/ her team takes the lead. in this case, this 1 pitch pitcher would get the win. The pitcher could also be take out of the game in the next inning but would still have the win

Softball bat size for high school?

There is no bat size in high school softball that you must have just pick what size you think fits you best

What is softball pitching distance for Illinois high schools?

what is the Illinois high school softball pitching distance

Why is softball for girls Is softball for grls only?

softball is not just for girls just as baseball is not just for boys. there are coed leagues that guys participate in for softball KY MUSTANGS FASTPITCH SOFTBALL#9 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL LADY RAIDERS SOFTBALL#00

What is the size of a high school softball?

12 inch