How many injuries has Tom Brady had?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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2008 in Week 1 and vs the Steelers in 2001-02 in the playoffs

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He has played in 5: Super Bowls 36 (an upset win over the Rams), 38 (win over Panthers), 39 (a win over the Eagles), 42 (loss against the Giants), and 46 (another Loss against the Giants)

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Q: How many injuries has Tom Brady had?
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What player has had more injuries in the NFL?

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How many injuries those Tom Brady had?

He has nursed a running right shoulder injury from 2002 onward. He suffered a blown-out knee in 2008 and suffered rib and finger injuries in 2009.

How many sister's does tom Brady have?

Tom Brady has three sisters, Maureen, Julie and Nancy.

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How many interceptions did Tom Brady throw in 2007?

Tom Brady threw 8 interceptions in 2007.

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There are many accounts that claim to me Tom Brady, but he doesn't actually have an Instagram

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Tom Brady is Tom Brady's screen name.

How many times was Tom Brady sacked in 2006?

Tom Brady was sacked 26 times in the 2006 season

How many passing yards did Tom Brady have for 2011?

Tom Brady passed for 5,235 yards for the 2011 season.

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