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Q: How many individual fouls is a girl allowed in basketball?
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How many fouls does each player get before fouling out of a girl's high school basketball game?

Each girl has 5 fouls, and once they commit a fifth foul, they are out of the game.

How many fouls can a team have before getting penalized in a girl's middle school basketball game?

as many as they want it dosen't matter

Who were the Juliette Gordon Low basketball members?

Juliette Gordon Low did not have a specific basketball team with members. Basketball was one of the activities offered to Girl Scouts when Juliette started Girl Scouts. At that time, girls were not allowed to play basketball in public, so the Girl Scouts played on a court that was surrounded by curtains.

What is a roving forward in 1960's girls basketball?

A girl that was allowed to play full court, both offense and defense

What was the name of Juliette Gordon Low's basketball team?

Juliette Gordon Low did not have a specific basketball team. At the time she began Girl Scouting in the US, girls were not allowed to play basketball in public. Girl Scouts had to play on a basketball court that was surrounded by curtains so that people passing by could not see the girls playing basketball. Girl Scouts played basketball as part of their troop activities. After Juliette Gordon Low returned to England, Edith Johnston took Juliette's place and it was Edith's idea to organize a basketball league and tournament for the Girl Scouts.

What is the correct spelling of Girl's Basketball?

it is Girls Basketball ;)

Is dribbling basketball in neighborhood legal or illegal?

Done by: basketball GiRl

How can a girl get better at basketball?


What is the rule for headbands and bobbi pins in basketball?

All of the girls on your team must wear the same colored headband. Bobbi pins are not allowed, and neither are barrets. Most basketball girl players wear a headband and tie their hair in a ponytail.

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The gossip girl books are individual series

Who is the Uconn BasketBall Girl?

Hailey rocks

What is the duration of A Girl Isn't Allowed to Love?

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