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The circumferance of an official adult size football (soccer) should be not less than 27 inches, not more than 28 inches.

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Q: How many inches is an official football?
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What is the minimum length for an official football in inches?

3600 inches

How long is a official NFL football?

About 11.5 inches long

How many inches long is a football?

A football is about 12 inches long, I think

Is there a difference between an official NCAA football and a high school football and if so what is the difference?

The size of a college football is 11 inches long and a high school football is 9 1/2 inches long.

What is the official size of a high school football?

The size of a high school football is a Wilson TDS. 11.6 inches long, with a diameter of 6.7 inches.

How many in are inches 1 yd football yard?

36 inches in a yard, football or otherwise.

How many inches long is a NFL football?

A football field is 100 yards. One yard is equal to 36 inches, therefore a football field is 3,600 inches.

How many inches are a football field?


How many feet long is a football field?

3,600 inches are in a football field

If a football field is 100 yards how many inches is in the football field?

36 inches to a yard, so 3600 to 100 yards

How many players are in a official football team?


What is the official football used in college football?

A Wilson Official Leather NCAA Game Football

How many inches is a football field goal line to goal line?

3600 inches

How many inches are in two football fields?

Two football fields are 7,200 inches long, if you count one football field as 100 yards. 2 football fields x 100 yards per football field x 3 feet in a yard x 12 inches in a foot = 7200 inches.

What is official pro football used in NFL?

Wilson is the official football.

How many square inches are in a football field?


How many inches are there in a football yard?

There are thirty six inches in any kind of linear yard.

What is the size of adults football?

the size of official size of football....that is size 5...has to be around 27-28 inches in circumference..... the weight has to be around 14-16 oz

How many football clubs in UK?

There is no official number but there would be thousands.

What is the average size of an official NFL game ball?

A NFL football shall be 11 to 11.25 inches in length, between 28 to 28.5 inches at its long circumference, and between 21 and 21.25 inches at its short circumference.

How many NFL footballs will it take to span a football field?

A football is 11 inches long. There are 32 inches in a yard. A football field is 100 yards long. Therefore it would take 290 footballs to span a football field.

What are the differences between an official NCAA football and an official NFL football?

Comparison of NCAA and NFL footballThe NCAA footall has white half stripes and some have team logls. The NFL football does not have strpes and has the commissioner's signature.They are both the same size and weight.The football is an oblong sphere and is 11 to 11.5 inches (28 to 29 centimeters) long. It has a lengthwise circumference of about 28.5 inches (72.4 centimeters) and a widthwise circumference of about 21.5 inches (54.6 centimeters) in the middle of the ball.

How many inches in a foot ball field?

American football = 100 yards = 300 feet = 3600 inches

How many inches in a football field?

3,600 inches (100 yards = 300 feet. 300 feet x 12 inches per foot)

How many officials officiate a football match?

In a football match we have referee and 2 lines men is there any other official in the match?